Mommy's Favorite Things: Moxies Shoes Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moxies Shoes Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

Soft Soled shoes weren't around much when Avery was little. It was all hard sole or no shoes at all. Luckily she was born in mid spring so she didn't need shoes until that fall/winter. 

With Emerson he's a winter baby so shoes are a must for some extra warmth. Soft Sole shoes are great for growing feet, they don't restrict so their feet can grow properly. 

We were sent a cute pair of puppy shoes from Moxies for review in a 0-6 month size.
They came in a cute organza bag

 All that stuffing in ONE shoe!!!
 Hard to get a picture of a baby's feet
They're a bit big, but they'll fit great this spring! They are about 3/4" too big I'd say! But overall they do stay on his feet so that's good!

They are a nice soft leather shoe, has elastic in the back so they stay on the feet and they are super cute. You can get them with an image on them OR with a custom embroidered name, your choice! So I love the personalization that you can do. You can also choose your colors. 

They also have boots!

Price: The leather shoes are $18 SHIPPED!!!

Overall: *****


wins4me said...

Thank you for a great giveaway. I like the pink ones for my granddaughter

barb hunt said...

Thanks for the great contest!