Mommy's Favorite Things: 38 Weeks!

Monday, December 12, 2011

38 Weeks!

Well tomorrow makes 38 weeks for me! CRAZY that I've come this far... And just this morning in the shower it hit me. I had Avery 8 days from today, 8 DAYS... It hadn't really hit me until this morning.
I know that I'm due in 2 weeks and there have been tons of baby's being born in my due date club on a forum so it was real that it would be happening. But it hadn't been real that it would be happening SOON.

Today I went for my appt. I'm a 2.5 but stretchable to a 3! EEK. I was at the same point with Avery though. 2 days before 38 weeks I was a 3 with her and I was a 3 again 2 days before 39 weeks.

My 37 week picture

Will take my 38 week tomorrow and it might just be my last one!


loven mommy said...

you're getting me all sentimenal. my little man was due last christmas eve, but came on the 17th. with his first birthday coming this weekend, i'm all crazy to try for another. not a big fan of pregnancy but i love the waiting for the delivery in the last couple weeks. good luck!!!!