Mommy's Favorite Things: Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight *Ju-Ju Monkey*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight *Ju-Ju Monkey*

We have another lovely sponsor for Merry Fluffy Christmas this year!

Ju-Ju Monkey specializes in Cloth Diapers and all their accessories. She also has baby carriers, some other gear and some natural things like feeding accessories! She's mainly about cloth diapers though!

We received a OS Blueberry pocket diaper. 
I have never tried Blueberry before so I was excited about this one
We got the Stars in Hook and Loop
 Back Pocket
 Adjustable insert
 It folds up in half and then snaps to itself. It also comes with a newborn insert as well.
 The other end has a male snap, and then there's 2 female snaps on this side to adjust the size.
 Male Snap

 Smallest. About 10 pounds
 And largest up to 35 pounds.
The outside is a silky PUL material. It has 3 rise adjustments and the hook and loop makes it very adjustable. I prefer snaps since babies can learn to take off velcro early on, but it's great for adjustability in those early months. 

The inside is a very soft fleece which helps wick away moisture. The microfiber inserts do that as well. So it should be a very dry diaper. 
I love the star print too. It's so cute!

The Blueberry also comes in a Mini OS diaper which I was supposed to get, but she forgot and sent the regular instead. 

Ju-Ju Monkey has a ton of other diapers to choose from. You can shop by category too which is awesome. 
They have Bumkins, Charlie Banana, Fuzzibunz, Bum Genius, Itti Bitti and more. You can also buy gently used on their site.

They also have Detergent Like Rockin' Green and Eco Sprout. Sleepy Wraps, Moby Wraps and Boba carriers as well. TONS of stuff to go around at Ju-Ju Monkey.

Price: The same as anywhere else! The OS Blueberry is $23.95

Overall: *****

Merry Fluffy Christmas is December 1st-5th this year and there is ONE package per blog! So lots of goodies. 
For MFC Ju-Ju Monkey is giving away a Blueberry OS diaper in print of choice $23.95
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Ju-Ju Monkey in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Ju-Ju Monkey for allowing me to review this product and offering a giveaway