Mommy's Favorite Things: 28 weeks!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

28 weeks!

Well actually I'm 29 weeks now. But I wanted to share my 28 week pictures!!

I feel big... REALLY big compared to Avery.
With Avery I had gained a total of 15 pounds. So far I'm at 22 pounds.

My Sugar was good and Iron was good, Uterus is measuring 29cm which is PERFECT and heart beat was 144 yesterday, so that's always a good sign!
I'm just freaking out about the weight gain. I looked back at Avery's baby book. After 30 weeks I would gain .5 pound and then lose .5 pound. Gain 1 pound and then lose it again. So I'm hoping I can remain the same with this one. As long as I stay under 25 pound weight gain I'll be happy.

No new stretchmarks at ALL yet. The one on my belly from Avery is expanding, but other than that, nothing new!
 Pants are still too big, so excuse the belly band.
For comparison. Here is 8 weeks
Hopefully I don't get much bigger!!!! I still have a good 10 weeks left though! EEK.


Courtney B said...

i've gained 26 and i'm only 4'11! agggh just a few more weeks! I can't wait till its over!