Mommy's Favorite Things: 26 Weeks

Thursday, September 22, 2011

26 Weeks

First of all I can't believe I'm 26 weeks already (almost 26.5) and that I have just under 13 weeks to go. This is insane to me. Since when did 9 months pass by so quickly?
I'm 5 months in since finding out and I can't believe 5 months has passed. It's creeping up very quickly and there are LOTS of things I need to do before this babe gets here. Things I didn't need to do to prepare for Avery like Washing up the playpen, swing and car seat. (I got it all new with her). Prepping and stripping diapers (used disposable with her until she was 2). And washing clothes and getting those ready (we hardly had anything for her before she was born). So this is all new and It's very time consuming and I need to get on it.

I also need to get it all set up, and get closets decluttered before the baby gets here. We have too much stuff. And that includes part of my stockpile.

Here I am at 26 weeks

I can't even begin to imagine what I'll look like at 40 weeks (although I had Avery at 39, so I may not make it that far). 

I have a lot to do to prepare for this little one. We also want to get new carpet before he arrives so that's one more thing to do!
At least I have most the diapers bought in NB and Small that I'll need and I have a whole wardrobe purchased. So that's taken care of!

I'm just stressing trying to think of everything that needs to get done. AND I want it all done by about Thanksgiving (right around 36 weeks) so that Means I have about 9 weeks left to get it all done...


Our Little Beehive said...

I am totally with you on wondering where the heck time is going. I'm 28w this week and well now I'm nearly 29. 11 weeks is not enough time to do all that's on this pesky to-do list!

Courtney B said...

it is going by soo fast heather! I'm 30 weeks and getting nervous!!!