Mommy's Favorite Things: OiOi Review

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OiOi Review

With Avery I bought an Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag. It was almost $40. Although it worked nicely and it was big enough to hold all her stuff, plus my phone and wallet etc it was just too big and super bulky and it was stiff. It was time to find a new diaper bag for this baby on the way and I'm pretty sure I've found the perfect one.

OiOi bags are perfect!!
I received the Red Studded Tote for review and I'm simply in love!
 So Gorgeous!!!
 It has Elasticized pockets on the inside and out. This one is MAGNETIC!!
 Side pocket

 Nice wide top. Easy to get into and it zips closed to keep everything in.
 Large adjustable handle which is also detachable
 Comes with a changing pad AND a wipes case.
 Changing Pad open
 Also has a bottle cooler. It's insulated so keeps things cool.
 It buckles in.
 Zipper pocket and a regular pocket, great for a wallet or cell and keys.
 Other side has 2 smaller, but still generous pockets.
As you can see, it's a great bag. It's made out of man made leather, so it isn't real leather, but still very durable. It's easy to wipe down and clean. It has studs on the bottom so it never touches a dirty surface. 

I love all the pockets. Great for holding cell phone, gum, sanitizer, keys, chapstick, sunscreen etc. Great for all the little things!

There are 4 exterior pockets. 2 on the side and one on each the front and back. The front and back ones are magnetic so they stay closed nicely. The bottle cooler keeps cold for up to 2 hours, so this is great if you're going to the park, or on a playdate, it keeps it nice and cold!! 

I love this bag and can't wait to use it. I know it will be plenty big for everything I and Baby needs (including 2-3 cloth diapers) and some snacks and a cup for Avery. It will all very easily fit in this bag. 

There are lots of other bags to choose from at OiOi as well. 

They have Hobos, Totes, Messengers and more.

Price: The bag I received is $160. This is a lot, but it's so worth it. Better than that $40 bag I bought!!
It's a much better quality too. and THEY HAVE FREE SHIPPING. So that saves about $10.

Overall: *****

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from OiOi in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*