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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's a...

We're super excited!
Only thing I'm dreading is the circumcision discussion!

Baby is head down and facing my spine so already in position. My DD is 12/27 and he was measuring the 26th, so growing good and pretty dead on!
I've gained a total of 13 pounds and 9 of those in the past month!! EEK.
My blood pressure was good despite craving sodium. 126/77

Heart Rate was 157 So doing good!

Clothes I bought for him today!!
Love clearance!
Eh, I hate when that happens!! The 3 shorts on the corner there were $2.20 each at Kohls in a 6-9 month. The onesie with dinos on it was $2.99 at JCPenney in a 3-6 month! The sleepers were $5.60 and $4.20 at Kohls. One sleeper was $6.99 at JCPenney and the rest was just on sale.

LOVE these deals though. Got it all for just about $55!


Tales of a young mamma said...

Congrats!! So exciting!

Amanda @MommyMandy said...

Congrats! You'll have one of each. How exciting.

Heather said...

How exciting. I love that 1st shopping trip once you finally know. The rush is like nothing else!

We circumcised our first (he's 14) because "it's what everyone did". Daddy is, why not baby.

After research and a discussion with our pediatrician, Ethan (now 3) was NOT circumcised. Our ped actually said she would get on her knees and BEG us NOT to do it. Ethan has done well with it and already knows how to "get the turtle out" to clean it in the shower and tub. :O)

Congrats again Momma!

Julia said...

AHH congrats!!! I am due with my first on Dec. 30 and we find out the sex on Aug. 12! Glad he got in a good position for you.

Circumcision- tough decision. Lots to consider on both sides. I will probably end up making a pros and cons list after doing my research if our little squiggles is a boy.

Heather S said...

Well Jon wants to do it and I don't, but he has no real reason why he wants too.
The OB said that in our area about 90% circ and 10% don't. The National Average is 50%, but most of that is religion. I'm going to provide him with all my info, videos of it being done etc AND the fact that a lot of insurance's don't cover the procedure anymore... And see where he stands then. He's welcome to show me his proof on why it should be done as well.
In a non argumentative way, both open to the other's thoughts and sayings on it.

Then we'll see what happens.

Amy Brown said...

exciting news! for some reason I was thinking you'd be having a boy!

SondraMama said...

congrats! thats so exciting! I have two boys and boy, are they a blessing! all the dinosaurs, trains, worms & dirt is enough to make me feel like I am one of them. LOL

Danielle said...

Congrats! You and your dh are where my dh and I were when we were expecting Sean. I asked dh to do his research and make a good medical argument. He couldn't and in the end became just as much as an intactivist as I am. Let him know too that it's not something that has to be decided now. Your son can decided later and will be able to have the correct amount of pain relief during and afterward....and not have to have the pain of the foreskin being prematurely separated from the glands. Not to mention, it'll be his choice then. Good luck!
Mama Dani

cman said...

Congratulations on your boy!

.:karen:. said...

Congrats! Lots of stuff to think about.

yuukiimi said...

Ahh congrats!! My DD is also 12/27!! :) I haven't gone in for a check up yet to see if its a boy/girl but DH and I are hoping for a boy. It's good to hear you haven't gained too much weight for a while I thought I wasn't gaining enough weight and started to worry (I'm a first time mommy so lots of worrying over here, haha). Oh and I'm worried about the sodium levels too. again, more worries. haha.

Heather S said...

Oh, I've gained a lot for me. With my DD all I gained total was 15 pounds. That's it!
So far I'm at 13 pounds with this one and 9 pounds was in the last month! EEK!!!
But I may not gain anything for a whole month. Around 30 weeks or so is when you start gaining a good pound a week or so.
But he said I'm still behind average in my weight gain, so that's good!

Ashley R said...

Yay!! Congrats on your little boy! Boys are cuddly and super sweet.

From the looks of things, you are not wanting to circumcise...good for you! I naturally assumed we would when we learned we were having a boy, it
s just what you do, right? But my Husband was the one who said no. Would we cut off the clitoris on a female if only a small percentage ever got infections? NO. He had a major point, and lots of research shows babies go into shock (that's why they sleep a lot after it), and risk colic and permanent damage emotionally and physically from it. They come into this world and get the biggest shock ever. They don't deserve it. I'll get off my soapbox now!! I hope you can show him it's also "normal" to not circumcise too. Ultimately it's a personal choice, and I'm glad you are choosing to be informed, because that's what matters!

Rachel C said...

I'm not even going to put in my two cents on the circumcision discussion, but I will say - don't stress about your weight gain! As long as you're healthy and baby's healthy, just enjoy this short time where you have an excuse to eat plenty :)
I gained 40-50 lbs with all of my pregnancies, but my docs never said anything and the weight came off pretty quickly afterward.

Ashley S said...

Congrats on your baby boy! Boys are so much fun :)

Unknown said...

Congrats!!! SO happy for you. The circumcision is totally your decision but wanted to share a tidbit with you. My husband basically made the decision in our family and was very adamant that his sons would be. My father in law had infections several times as a young child and ended up having to get one when he was older and remembers it. We did have the procedure done and if you do really check into it. There are several types available and my youngest sons was painless. They actually used the tiniest needle and he received lidocaine injections and they held a sucker for him to suck on and he NEVER cried during the entire procedure. I tell everyone about it. There is NO reason for a baby boy to have a painful circumcision so call around and find out who and were you can have it done this way. We had it done at our pediatricians office on the 7day after his birth.

Rachel at Rachel's Giveaways said...

Yay for knowing the gender! I can see both side of the circumcision debate and I'm not sure which way I'd go if I have a son.

I can tell you this though: I witnessed a circumcision when I did my nursing clinicals in L&D, and it was the only time in my entire nursing career where I nearly fainted. That includes when I did clinicals in a level 1 trauma floor where we did stuff like work with burn victims and clean glass out of people's bloody heads after motor vehicle accidents.

It was so bad I had to leave the room. Sorry, not trying to sway you either way, I'll just never forget that feeling.