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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

They're doing it again!

Some of you who have been here a while MIGHT remember when the Gov't tried to fire Jon. Ring any bells? It was 2 years ago after all. But for a refresher here is a bit of back story.

Jon was hired in September 2009. He was working directly for the General and the Colonel on our local Air Force Base. He was to be sending out orders and lining up their trips for them out of state and was hired as an Executive Assistant. They hired him knowing he was a disabled veteran and they knew he was on medications that could prevent him from waking up in time.
In 90 days he called in about 4 times stating he woke up late and would be there late.
They tried to fire him basically, he was in a 90 day probationary period and on the 89th day (no joke) they fired him, served him his papers.
He hired an attorney who sent them a letter and multiple hone calls and all in all got his job back. He is a disabled veteran so it was discrimination.

FAST FORWARD. Jon was a part of the union on base and they don't like the union but everything was fine up until January this year. He was in the running to become the Vice President of the union since the President was retiring in April and the VP was becoming the P they needed a new VP (with me??).

There was their guy there that they fired. And he was helping him get his job back (that didn't happen, but he's gotten him LOTS of money instead). Ever since he started doing Union business they started truly hating him.

They stopped talking to him, stopped giving him orders, said there was no more work for him AND moved his partner out of his office to down the hall. Sounds a LITTLE like retaliation right?

Well they KNOW they can't fire him unless he's committed a true crime (which he hasn't)... So what are they doing now?????????

MOVING HIM without his consent. They are moving his position to a dispatcher for the whole base, it's the busiest position on the base and they're doing it so he can't do union work anymore. AND THEY'RE MOVING SOMEBODY ELSE IN TO DO HIS POSITION (but wait, they don't have work for him anymore, right?) Again Retaliation? A bit... He is not consenting to this.

He's been talking to the AFGE (union) lawyer in DC and he's going to have him give the colonel there a call today. The lawyer even said that if they follow through with this (which as of today they are) they're breaking 4 laws and 7 statutes. So this is wrong and they know it.

They just want him out of their hair.
So we'll see where this takes us, but I really thought I'd update the whole Gov't treating their employees thing. Because it's not nice at all. They think that since they're the gov't they make the rules and that's SO NOT TRUE.

The guy that he helped. They fired him because he was Scottish and apparently they couldn't understand a word he said. This guy joined the U.S. military to get citizenship. He was in for 18 years before he deployed for 16 months to Iraq... WHILE there he becamse injured and John McCain himself gave him his citizenship. I've seen the picture myself and it's truly amazing.
He too is a disabled veteran and they fired him. Jon has won several battles with this guy and he's still fighting for a settlement. But he's gotten this guy some money in the meantime and he's already making more retired then he did working.
They just never learn.

So that's an update!


Trainwreck said...

wow, that is just crazy! I hope it all works out!

Wendy said...

YIKES! Hope everything works out for him.

Around My Family Table

Janice said...

I have heard similar stories before. We have also experienced discrimination (hubby is a combat vet). Sigh. After all they give, they deserve better.

Celebrating Family

M.J. said...

Wow - I hope everything works out. I have been an HR manager and have had mgmt try to get me to do certain things like that and I refused. Guess that's why I no longer work there.

Sadie said...

I'm sorry. :( It sucks that some people/groups get away with things they shouldn't.. but what can you do? Is there someone else above them you can go to? Probably not. :/ Hopefully everything improves. That's crazy.