Mommy's Favorite Things: ShoeDazzle Review

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ShoeDazzle Review

Everybody loves shoes!! Here's the great thing that sets ShoeDazzle apart from the rest though. You sign up and take a style quiz. They ask you questions about which item you prefer and you click the one that appeals to you most. Then they give you recommendations based on what you liked!! That is awesome. You're going to like most of the shoes you look at and they're picked just for you.
The other great thing? Every shoe is $39.95 so there's no guessing how much a shoe is at checkout!

I received 2 pair of shoes actually. She was going to put the credit in my account and I didn't see it, so she sent me a gift card. I had a pair of shoes in my cart from previously when I tried to check out but the credit wasn't there. So I checked out with a pair of shoes and used my gift card. WELL they sent both pair and the credit was there now! I felt terrible, but she said it was their gift to me since I had to wait so long and was patient!

So I received the Trini in Grey and the Lacie in yellow.
Cute shoe boxes. The box slides out too it doesn't just open.
 The trini came with a cute carry bag.

I love them both!! I got them both in an 8 and They both fit great. I've only worn the Lacie's so far. They are great for summer. But I haven't worn the Trini's yet as it's just been too warm. They're more of a fall shoe for me. But they're cute too. 

They're both comfortable. I got no blisters from the Lacie's. They fit perfect the first time I put them on.

Loved the experience of the website and I loved getting 2 new pair of shoes. They were both cute and my style!

They also carry Handbags and Jewelry as well

Price: Like I said every shoe is $39.95.

Overall: ***** Love them!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from ShoeDazzle in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*