Mommy's Favorite Things: Clothes and ALMOST 19 weeks

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clothes and ALMOST 19 weeks

I have really been in the crafting mood lately when it comes to clothes and knitting!! I'm glad that I can do this and take one square piece of fabric and make something out of it. I love the gratification!

So here are some shirts I've made Avery in the past couple weeks.
These first 2, I hemmed them first and I was supposed to use elastic thread to shirr them along the neck and sleeves,but it didn't work. I ended up needing to encase elastic and so it made them a bit smaller then I thought since they were hemmed and then encased!

 Still couldn't find the good shirring elastic thread SO I bought 1/8" elastic and just sewed it into these. They're a bit bigger, but still fit!! Super cute and I love them.
The pattern I bought is also good for dresses so I'm going to make her 2 dresses this week. They'll be great for fall with some leggings and possibly with a white long sleeve shirt under them! One of them is a really fall looking material too!

I also got a ton of baby pants cut out of t-shirts. I bought the elastic needed for them today, so I'm going to encase those and have some more pants for baby done!
We find out the gender on WEDNESDAY!! I will share it here as I will be doing reviews later on that reveal gender anyway!
almost 19 weeks


Ashley S said...

Yay for finding out the gender! Always such an exciting time :)

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

That's great that you can make your own clothes. I love the strawberry 1.

Nikki said...

Those are super cute shirts -- I'd love to know the pattern! ngiraldi at gmail dot com