Mommy's Favorite Things: Baby Brezza Review

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Brezza Review

With Avery I was young and naive and didn't even know I could make my own baby food. Plus it was just troublesome right? Where in the heck was my head? SERIOUSLY??

I recently had the chance to try out the Baby Brezza which I received thanks to MommyParties and I've been in heaven!!

I received the Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker as well as 11 cutting boards. I was to have a party where we would make baby food and then disperse the cutting boards at the end of the party.
First I made some baby food and sampled it myself before the party

 The Buttons. You select steam and push it until you get to the time you need. If you're steaming something like strawberries and apples 10-15 is all that's needed. If you're doing meat and potatoes 30 is probably recommended.
Then when it's done steaming it beeps and you push blend until it's the right consistency.
 Pour water in so it can steam.
 The blender. It has 2 levels so you can raise it up or put it down all the way.
 Getting ready...
 Strawberries and Apples
 Strawberry Applesauce! Since it's just Avery and I, I didn't add water and steam it first. I just blended it together.
 Push Blend!
 And you're on your way. Sorry for the flash.

It was a bit pulpy. The apple was a funny consistency. I didn't like it because of the texture, but Avery ate it and I know a baby would enjoy it too. It was good flavor wise, but I couldn't get past the texture. 

So I did have a party with myself and 3 other friends. BUT I forgot to take pictures. I had them each bring a fruit and one brought an apple, so I made the strawberry applesauce again but this time steamed it. It was still very pulpy, but Avery ate it all up. And the 9 month old that was here tasted it, but he's not much of a baby food eater though so he only tasted it. But it didn't get spit back in my face so that was a good sign.

This is pretty awesome. It steams and blends the food. You can do meat in this unit. Perfect for when baby is 8-9 months old and starting meats. Meat and potatoes would be great in this unit!! YUM. You can put in raw meat and steam it for 30 minutes and it cooks it. 

This will be very useful when #2 gets here and I will be making most of my own baby food. I'll freeze it and reheat when needed. I think it's great! I was wanting a baby food maker and I'm glad I had the chance to finally receive one!

They have a ton of accessories too. There's the cutting board which has a hole cut out so you can easily put the food into the maker. And they have a spatula, Grain Basket (so you can make Oatmeal and Rice Cereal), Storage System and cleaning brushes. Lots to choose from.

Price: The Brezza itself is $99.99. This is a bit much but if you're planning on having a couple children it will pay for itself. I'm going to buy the grain basket which is $9.99. Storage system is $14.99. So these are reasonable.

Overall: ***** I just need to find the right things to mix. For first foods it will be easy with carrots and peas etc. 

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from MommyParties in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*