Mommy's Favorite Things: My Foolish Heart Book Review

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Foolish Heart Book Review

My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren is the fourth book in the Deep Haven Christian romance series that takes place in the fictional town in northern Minnesota. Isadora (Issy) Presley's life ended as she knew it the day of a terrible car accident when she watched her mother die in her arms and that left her father a quadriplegic. Giving up her big city dreams of being a news anchor, Issy became trapped in her own house, afraid to even cross the street, petrified of what could happen outside the safety of home. She began airing podcasts as Miss Foolish Heart offering romantic advice to her listeners despite her lack of ever having a love life. When new neighbor Caleb Knight moves in next door to take on her father's former position as high school football coach. Caleb has his own ghosts of the past. While serving with the National Guard in Iraq, he lost part of his leg and suffered burns over part of his body. He is desperate to earn the position of football coach without letting anyone know about his missing leg. He doesn't want sympathy. Issy and Caleb quickly clash over a stray dog and his lack of lawn care, but they connect on Issy's radio show, without either of them recognizing it. Issy and Caleb are both deeply wounded and certain they are unworthy of love.

I LOVED this book, so much that when I finished it up north with my grandma I gave it to her to borrow and read. She loves to read and can read a book in a day or 2. So I knew this one would be up her alley. 
This book really touched me AND brought comedy into it which I love, so it was a perfect read and was my type of book!!

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