Mommy's Favorite Things: Short Hats Review from Melondipity

Monday, January 31, 2011

Short Hats Review from Melondipity

How cute is that logo??

We received one of the Baby Hats from Melondipity.

We received the Riley hat in Burgundy and I really like it. At first I thought it looked more boyish then girl, but after trying it on (in the 2-5 yr size) I realized I really like it. The more she wears it the more it's growing on me.

The hat is very adjustable and it fits her great. It adjusts in the back. Of course, Avery is tiny so she's wearing it on the tightest setting, but I know it will fit her for years to come.

Short Hats carries a lot of different kinds. You may remember my last review for short hats. Avery still wears those 2 this winter and I love them just as much.

Short Hats has proven to be long withstanding. We have used those hats for a year not and they are holding up great.

Just visit for fun hats and other things for kids!

Price: This hat is $28. I think that is a little much, but like I said, I've gotten a year out of the other 2 and as long as they continue to fit, I'll get plenty more out!

Overall: ***** Love it!! Once again!
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products*