Mommy's Favorite Things: Inject The Venom Review

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inject The Venom Review

Shoes... What woman doesn't love shoes? I know I do... I don't wear heels too often though. At weddings or a homecoming or something, but not everyday UNTIL I found Inject The Venom. I mean they're slogan is "Life is too short to wear ugly shoes" that is SO TRUE!!

I received the Fergie Peep Toe Bootie Ankle Boot and I'm in love. That's why I chose them. I was so torn between about 3 pair though.

Aren't they beautiful? Well I would've taken a picture of me modeling them, but since my toenail got messed up in September I think I'll spare you all the visual. Either way, they are an 8 and they fit perfectly. That is my normal size. I can wear between a 7.5 and 8.5 but 8 is my most common so these are perfect.

It was hard getting used to heels again. And since I'm not as used to them I'm saving them for when the ice and snow all melts. These will be super cute with a short little dress or a skirt and top. I think they're cute with skinny jeans as more casual too. They are cute for any time of the year and are perfect for dressing up or down.

I also fell in love with these few pair too.

Love them all!

Price: At these prices you have no excuse for not buying a pair (or 5!) The Fergie's I received are just $24.99 ONLY 1 pair left in an 8.5!
The Liliana's are $18! The Cheapest pair they have is just $15! How awesome!

Overall: ***** I like them. The price is perfect, they are withholding me wearing them in the house to get used to them. They are holding up, and they're cute!
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products*


Jennifer W said...

Those are beautiful! YOu can't have to many pairs of shoes!! I'm a new follower from Sundays blog hop. If you get a chance, stop by!