Mommy's Favorite Things: Zippo Review: Holiday Gift

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zippo Review: Holiday Gift

Candles are a very popular Christmas present (I think anyway) Heck, my grandma got one for Christmas this year! She already got it because she travels to Florida December-March. I think a lighter would be perfect to give along with a candle. Not everyone has lighters or matches. Zippo comes in here and they have a great selection and many lighters to choose from.

I received a Stylish Designs holiday red snowflake candle lighter

It comes in a great box ready to go. It could easily be wrapped or put in a stocking. It's a magnetic closure so it's really easy. The lighter was nicely secured in there by white elastic (you can see them in the pictures). I love this lighter. I love the design first off. Snowflakes are a weakness of mine. I love winter!
Secondly It has a nice safety lock on it. You push a button on the back and then slide up the lever on the front. It then lights. It took a while to figure out which order to do them in, but finally got it. And I must say, it's even hard for ME to do sometimes!!

We burn candles all day every day around here, so this lighter has gotten a lot of use so far. It also is refillable, I'm sure it will continue to get lots of use!!

Price: At $15 for solid colors and $20 for these cute prints this is SO worth the price. These lighters are really known to last forever as long as you refill them. Super worth it!

Overall: ***** Love this lighter. It's cute, small and does the job!
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*