Mommy's Favorite Things: Items I didn't write a review on!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Items I didn't write a review on!

I have done this only once before. I'm happy that most of my products work out. These are 2 products that I have reviewed but haven't WRITTEN the review because the company asked me not to. I don't feel right about just letting it go, so I wait some time and then let you know how I really feel.

Maddison Avenue Candles. Where to begin. The candle was lovely and smelled pretty. I burned it. Once we got down to the end of it I let it burn out completely. The glass had cracked and wax actually made it get stuck to my counter. We tried to pry it up, but were afraid of glass shattering everywhere. So Jon tried to light it again. He did and it was JUST enough to melt the wax underneath and we were able to lift it safely. YUCK. It was a bad experience.

Kids N Pets Solution. I got one bottle in the mail and used it to try and cover up some puppy accidents and Avery accidents. It was right after she was fully potty trained. I used the entire bottle in just minutes in just my living room and Avery's room. And it didn't even work. It was a complete waste and made the house smell like rubbing alcohol. Gross...

So those are 2 that I didn't review.
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Unknown said...

I love that you post these!
It makes me trust your reviews so much more!

Unknown said...

Appreciate posts like these. I've been asked not to post a review on items I don't want to promote and I understand their viewpoint but our followers expect us to tell the truth. It's good to know you won't just write a good review for anyone! Happy Holidays!

Crystal said...

I am glad you post these too. Thank you for the heads up on the candles. If i want that to happen i will buy candles from the dollar store(in my experience,most of them are made really well actually)

jakiesmom said...

thanks for the well as the good

Heather S said...

You're all very welcome! I had a bad experience, but again every one's experience is different!