Mommy's Favorite Things: The Sak Review

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sak Review

I have received another Sak bag for review. I still use the last one that I Reviewed and I most definitely love it. But I think I like this one even more. It's not as big, I love the fall color and all around I like it.
I was sent the Indio Leather Small Tote

It's no longer on their website, so I can't link to it. They have a Large tote and a drawstring bag now though that are called the Indio and are very similar. I'm guessing this is a last year's bag! Fine by me, I love it!! The color looks a little more orange online here, but it's not. It actually matches my boots perfectly and they make the perfect ensemble. 

I like big bags, but I don't have enough to fill them. This bag is PERFECT for all my needs, it's just big enough, but isn't huge, it's not tiny either. It's just the right size. Again though, no outer pocket. I like to put my keys in an outer pocket by themselves so I don't have to dig. Although this bag isn't as big as my others so there's not much digging that needs to be done to find the keys. 

I like the toggle closure. It buttons closed. I like the decorative pieces attached to the strap as well. All around I like this bag. It has the double handle that I like. It's a good bag. I switch between this bag and my Amber Pollard that I reviewed right now for fall. Those are my 2 bags, but the Pollard is HUGE compared to this one... It depends on where we're going.

Price: This bag originally sold for $139, which is reasonable, it's so worth it. It's a high quality genuine leather and it makes it worth it. 

Overall: ***** it is a great quality bag that I know I'll get years out of
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*