Mommy's Favorite Things: Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: Pooters

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: Pooters

So many different items from one little shop!! Pooters has a very wide array of things. There's diapers of all kinds like contours, fitteds, pockets, prefolds, AIO and AI2s. There's Covers of all kinds, minkee, overnight and more. There's accessories like wipes, pail liners, wet bags, detergents and more and there's even gift packages!

Didn't expect all that from one shop huh? I didn't either... I love this shop though, it is very easy to navigate and find what you need (or don't need but HAVE TO HAVE IT) She has everything.
We received a Pooters Bamboo OS Pocket in the Green color. 
 Smallest setting
 It came with the Bamboo insert on the left and she included a Hemp insert on the right.
 Stuffed with both inserts
 Yes, both inserts! Can you believe how thin and trim this diaper is?
See when you have a microfiber insert it's very thick and bulky. Definitely not good for newborns. These bamboo and hemp inserts are very thin but absorb the same amount as a microfiber. Since Avery can't use Microfiber I can really appreciate this diaper! 

It's been washed once and we tried it for nap, but it leaked. I figure it should be washed about 3 times or so to get it's max absorbency. So I can't really review the diaper as of now, but it's sewed strong. The inside of the diaper is also a bamboo mix. It's very soft and strong. You can tell it's a durable fabric. It's not like fleece so it won't pill over time. It's ultra soft. In fact I rubbed it on my face when I first got it. It's softer than fleece. Like a combination of fleece and minky. Very soft. LOVE the softness. 

Price: This Pocket is $20. Which is a general price anywhere you go. They have a few commercial brands in the store as well, which I like. Like Happy Heiny's, Rocky Mountain, Fuzzibunz and more.

Overall: ***** so far. It seems to be put together well and I love the no microfiber option in the same price point as microfiber.
For a Merry Fluffy Christmas Pooters is giving away the same diaper I reviewed. Bamboo Pocket OS in choice of color