Mommy's Favorite Things: Baby K'Tan Review

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby K'Tan Review

Again, I wish I would've worn Avery when she was smaller. I just never did and didn't even know about it. It wasn't until she was about 15 months old that I discovered it. I won my first sling when she was 19 months old and I started using it right away. I loved it, but she was already past the age of wanting to be carried. She was an independent walker now and didn't need me anymore :( But I wish she did. 
This is a new way to carry a child. I had no idea this product existed. It's like a wrap, but SOOO Much easier to do. 
It's of course the Baby K'Tan carrier. I received mine in Organic Honey

It looks a little intimidating I know, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it. 
The 2 circles are the wrap, it also comes with a matching hat and the sash that holds the carrier tight. 
Then just the sash and hat
I tried it out with Avery's doll first so I could get it right without dropping her and get the tie down good. It worked very well and I was surprised on just how easy it is. You stick both loops around your head, then separate and stick your arm through each hole... now it's separated. Stick your baby in just like you would a wrap and adjust. Now tie the sash around the wrap... It was really easy and about half the time it takes to do a wrap. 

Then I tried it with Avery in the regular front hold AND the Hip Hold. We both like the Hip Hold. But again, he's kind of big and would rather walk. But I think it would be great on a hike or somewhere a stroller can't be and she gets tired of walking. Plus it's smaller and lighter than say a Soft Carrier like the Boba. I do love this K'Tan and I'm sure it will get LOTS of use with the next child. 

They have lots of colors to choose from I love this Sage as well

Price: The Organics are $69.99 full price. The Regulars are $59.99 and they also have a Breeze breathable carrier for $65. These are generous prices. They are more than a wrap in pricing, but they do come with a matching hat!!

Overall: ***** So easy to use when you look at instructions and it's very lightweight and easy to tote around. It could easily fit in a diaper bag. 

*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*