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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Favorite Homeschooling Websites

Here is a HUGE list of my favorite websites yet.
They are not all for homeschooling. Since Avery is 3, most of them are crafts and things of the sort. Most of these are for younger years, I will put next to them about the age they fall under K-8th Grade crafts for kids 1-7 K-5th Grade FREE CURRICULUM Free Homeschooling Resources PreK-2nd Grade maybe,Resource_Type:Informal%20Lesson%20Article,Resource_Type:Unit%20Plan%29 PreK-K K-3rd Grade PreK-3rd Grade PreK-1st Grade This one is FANTASTIC K-8th Grade. LOOK FOR A REVIEW/GIVEAWAY Soon up to 8th Grade maybe up to 8th Grade Ages 2-6 Pre-K PreK-5th Grade PreK-3rd Grade Ages 0-11 FREE EDUCATION PreK-4th Grade. 5th Grade added December 2010 6th, 7th and 8th all added Spring 2011 PreK-8th Grade PreK-5th Grade Little something for every grade PreK-12th Grade PreK-12th Grade Ages 3-9 1st-5th Grade FREE Online Public Schooling. Each state has a program. K-12. They even buy your child a computer if over a certain grade.

These are all that I have so far. Just Google a MILLION websites pop up. There is a way you can teach your child for FREE and this is it. For some people using a $1,00 a year program is what works, but for us frugal mothers I think this is the way to go. Some here are COMPLETE Curricula for FREE


Karine Traverse said...

I LOVE YOU!!! I have been trying to find stuff to do with my 3 y/o and I just could never find stuff I liked. Now I have tons of places to look

Heather S said...

You're welcome!!!

Tim Weibel said...

This is a nice, comprehensive list youve put together.

Thanks for mentioning I own that site! :)

Happy holidays!

- Tim