Mommy's Favorite Things: Baby Leg Warmers Tutorial

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Leg Warmers Tutorial

I'm going to show you a tutorial for making your own Baby leg/arm warmers!! This tutorial is SIMPLE. You should have a sewing machine, but you could even do it by hand.

Women's Socks. Knee High for 18+ months and Crew for 0-18 months. 

I got these Knee Highs at Target for $1.40 on clearance. (Normally $2) You can get these anywhere, Walmart has them for $1 and even the dollar store. The crew socks are even cheaper! 
  First you're going to cut off the Heel and Toe like below. DISCARD these
 Take the foot part and fold in half (right sides facing out, wrong sides together) So one side will be a fold and the other side should have 4 layers of raw edges
 Insert the long leg part into this tube with all raw edges together
 I like to make sure the long leg part is a little longer than the tube so that it catches when you sew.
Pin them together. Make sure to only pin 3 layers. If you pin them all together it would be sewed shut and not wearable. So pin 3 layers
Now sew. Just do a straight stitch with the length at 4.0 in order to get some stretch. I like to stitch a little high to ensure that I've captured all layers.

Once you're done Flip the tube down with all raw edges inside and you're done!
This was my very first one so yes the stripes don't line up!!

Do the other one and you've completed a set!
Try them on!!!!
You'll notice that these are even long on 36" tall Avery. So definitely go with a shorter sock for a younger one (or a knee high but cut some extra off)

You can also not attach the foot part and just finish it off. Like cut off the foot part completely and then just fold over edge and sew. You can see here that that way would fit Avery perfectly
And that's all the way to the hip, which would never be that high
But I did the same thing with this pair as well and finished them off with the cuff
 And you've made baby warmers!

I'd love to see you're pictures using this tutorial!
The great thing about this is if the Knee Highs are on clearance (which they usually are now around summer) you can buy them cut off some extra and they would fit a younger baby. There's no need to buy 2 different kinds of socks for younger and older ones.
These leg warmers are great for babies to make diaper changes easier no need for pants, they're great for crawling babies, just walking babies to protect the little knees, potty training. 
I think these are good for up to age 4. And even later for a cool stylish look. You can also put these on the arms for a layered look to clothes!! Very cool.

Again if you make these I would love to see them...


Anonymous said...

so cute and simple ill have to try it1 thanks

Carly said...

Great idea:) Thanks :)

Rachel C said...

Those are so cute! Love this idea :)

Mad Hatter said...

Is there anyway to create the cuff portion without a puffy look?

Anne said...

these are the best instructions for baby leg warmers i've found! all the other ones confused me (or maybe i'm just not that bright!). I have a little boy who's almost a year, so i used a pair of my husband's socks to experiment with, and they turned out great in no time at all. now i'm just waiting for him to wake up from his nap to try them out! thanks for sharing this. :o)

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy said...

Wow that's a great idea! And she's so cute!! Now I need a simple tutorial on my sewing machine.

I haven't sewn in years and I have a brand new sewing machine still in the box that needs to be used!!! It's been in there 2 years now!! :-)

Sadie said...

Great instructions :)

Wendi said...

These are so cute and much less expensive that way!! :)

Thanks for the instructions.