Mommy's Favorite Things: What we've been busy doing!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What we've been busy doing!

Here's our renovations to the home! 

Before and After of the Front yard
I did ALL this myself. Jon hardly helped. He dug the trench for the bricks. I laid the bricks, leveled them out, laid down top soil, laid down the rubber mulch. He did the rocks around the tree and that's it! We still need about 5 more bags of mulch to help fill it in more. This project cost twice what we thought it would, but it's one now and we saved about 50% by doing it ourselves, so we're happy!

Then we did the porch. This was HALF and HALF
Originally when we moved here the porch and deck were just gross. So we painted them a nice brick red. Well that faded and got ruined real fast. Plus this bottom post was all dry rotted and was flimsy. 
We rebuilt the entire railing, ALL NEW. Sanded the rest of the porch and stained it this time. It was a LOT of work. We also installed the door. It's a custom size so we had to cut 4" off the door. We were quoted $580 to have it installed and special ordered. We bought a standard door from Home Depot for $140, bought a $30 saw and did it ourselves. Saved a BUNCH of money. 
We also replaced the lights! and we added the flowers.

In the backyard we did this around our tree
Here's a before
 Here's the after
 Just have to put in grass seed. Instead of the original $100 on that bird bath we got it on clearance for just $18!!!!!!

We also put new lights on the back of the house! And We have to rebuild the deck as well as sand it and stain it!
That's what we've been busy doing the last couple weeks. 

Oh we also did the same type of landscaping on the side surrounding a small bush and surrounding the street light as well.