Mommy's Favorite Things: Livie and Luca Review

Monday, May 3, 2010

Livie and Luca Review

Some of you long time followers might remember my first Livie and Luca Review. I am so pleased with those shoes and the ones I got to review this time around!

Thankfully Avery's feet don't grow that fast, so the shoes we received in September for review still fit her!! But I ordered her new Spring shoes a size up from the last ones. They fit her very well, but are a tad big. Perfect though as she'll probably wear them through September or so!!

When we got the box in the mail Avery JUMPED to put them on right away. She loves shoes and she especially loves a NEW pair, just like momma!
 I love the color. It's not PINK so it's a little different, but it still goes with more everything she has in her summer closet. I think they are adorable and the Summer feel of them is awesome!

I like these types of sandals opposed to other pairs which 1. might have an open toe and could cause problems, 2. might have a thong between the toes and those aren't good, and 3. are too hard and stiff that the shoes doesn't even move.

Yet these are Leather so have breathability and they have the petals and sides cut out like a sandal. So they protect her toes, but still allow air flow! Love that!

Check out some of the other spring styles
Price: Their shoes are all $45.50 (unless on sale) and I think this is an awesome price. These are good quality durable shoes and I think they are definitely worth the extra money

Overall: ***** Can never complain about good quality leather shoes!
 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*


Anonymous said...

i love those shoes they are so unique and not like everyone elses ! they look comfy too:)