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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When I was younger I used to wear  Eyeglasses. I was in 4th grade and my eyes starting hurting me and I would get headaches when I read for a long time. My mom took me to the optometrist and they got me some reading glasses. I wore them for a while and half the time forgot. I wore my glasses for 2 years when I went back to the dr. for a checkup.

I went in and he told me I no longer needed glasses and that my eyes had improved on their own. This was fantastic news, but I kind of missed my glasses. Oh well I was happy! After a few years I started getting headaches again once I was in high school and was reading more and more. I went back and this time they gave me Prescription Glasses again as they said I again needed them. My eyes got worse again!

I wore my Glasses for a while and on my own decided I no longer needed them. This was in 10th grade. I just on my own said, "I don't feel like wearing them anymore, so I won't." I never had a problem with my eyes again! My eyes are fine. I spend close to 6 hours a day on the computer and my eyes are still fine even with all the reading I do. I also spent about an hour a day reading a book and haven't had any problems.

It's now been 4 years since I've last worn glasses and I'm very happy to no longer need them! But now they've made the Process so much easier. You can now buy your Glasses Online You just give them your strength (you will need this from your dr.) and they ship the glasses right to your home. No more going to the optometrist every year to get new glasses. I still suggest you get your eyes checked once every couple years to make sure your strength hasn't changed, but This process is much easier.

No more sitting there for hours picking out the right pair, and then waiting for them to be made in your strength. That was a pain for me and I wish they had this feature when I was wearing glasses!

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