Mommy's Favorite Things: Is this bad?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is this bad?

That Avery's birthday is in just over a month and I haven't planned a darn thing? 
There will only be about 10 people here so food is cheap and easy... Hot dogs and hamburgers with some potato salad. But I haven't bought any plates and stuff and I don't even know what the theme will be... Avery will be wearing a tutu and wings so I'm thinking some sort of princess thing, but I'm still not sure. 

Is that crazy? I'm not ready for her to be 3 yet so maybe that's why. But I have NOTHING planned... I need to go and buy her supplies soon but am just slacking. 

I want to make a cake this year, but probably won't get around to it, So I'll probably just spend the $20 for a cake. But I need to get the ball rolling!

PLEASE get me motivated. Her party is on May 8th as her birthday is also mother's day this year. Her birthday is the 9th.


Rachel C said...

There's a cute and easy butterfly cake you can make - I only do easy!
You just make 2 circle cakes, layer them, then cut it in half and flip them over. You have a half circle for each butterfly this
and then you can stack oreos up the center for the body of the butterfly. It's fun b/c you can decorate it however you want. Good luck!!

Heather S said...

My friend is making us a cake. It's a pretty princess crown. She's the best :) But thank you for the suggestion!

And added to that mix, I have to get her pictures done too. I need to call and schedule that NOW. Her birthday is in just over 4 weeks! We need to get pictures done in about 2 weeks!