Mommy's Favorite Things: Amy Michelle Review

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amy Michelle Review

When Avery was younger we had the HUGE diaper bag. I mean it screamed BABY. I was always looking for another option, but just never found anything I liked. My I wish I would've known about Amy Michelle then.

Her bags are beautiful and unlike a diaper bag are so functional that they can be used as a regular purse or tote bag. I mean they look like a purse and DO NOT scream baby.

I received the Swet Pea bag in green for spring. And I love it. I love the shade and I love the exterior faux leather material. My diaper bag always got dirty and it was hard to wash, well with this you just wipe it right up!

We're a little old for a diaper bag right now, but I think this is absolutely perfect for going to the beach, zoo, etc. Any long trips where you need to pack a lot of diapers, wipes, snacks, juice, change of clothes, sunscreen, bathing suit WHATEVER your needs are. This is definitely big enough for it all
 Big front pocket as well as 2 small ones
Back has a pocket with pull out changing pad. This is also big enough for all the diapers and wipes!
Changing pad is a very generous size. It also has a removable cover so it can be washed!! YAY
Inside there are 2 side pockets which are insulated for bottles or sippy cups. Or even water bottles
 Also has a Key Fob for your keys and credit card holder built right in!

 Also has 2 very generous size pockets inside. I love when my purse and diaper bag is all ONE BIG Pocket. But it still has plenty of separate pockets for other stuff. It also has a side zippered pocket on the inside and a little zippered pocket as well.

Another great feature is the adjustable strap, and attached to the strap are 2 straps. These are PERFECT for hooking the bag on the back of the stroller. I mean GENIUS. And your bag is RIGHT there so it's super easy to get snacks or a wallet out of it!

I can't wait until I have another one So I can use this diaper bag!! WooHoo!

I also love this bag in the Eggplant color for Winter!

Price: It's a little Pricey at $135, but my eddie bauer diaper bag was $35 and it didn't last that long. I'm hoping that I can use this diaper bag for the next 2 children and plenty of trips to the beach and stuff. If so it's WORTH IT!

Overall: ***** Amy Michelle really thought of everything and put all the thoughts into this bag!
 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*