Mommy's Favorite Things: Undoubtedly The Worst Day Of My Life!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Undoubtedly The Worst Day Of My Life!

So our 18 week old St. Bernard Bella is just getting to heavy to carry. She's about 60-65 pounds right now and I can't lift and carry her anymore.

So this morning I get up at 10:30 and walk into the living room and am flabbergasted by the smell. Bella had pooped all in her cage. 2 piles. One hard and one soft. It was horrible. So I had to walk her into our master bathroom so I could give her a bath in the tub. So that's done and then I'm alone in the house so I had to leave her there while I tried to clean the cage. I let her outside and brought the cage out as well. She went pee and then I called her and she wouldn't come to me. She was eating our neighbor's snow. I had to walk up to her and drag her butt back in the house. I put her in the bathroom and went to clean the cage. 

Our hose isn't hooked up so I grabbed a pot with hot water and started working on it. It wasn't working. I came back in the house and Bella had pooped in the bathroom and trampled in it. I cleaned that up and cleaned her paws up. The toilet clogged. I tried to plunge it, but it wasn't working. I had to reach my hands into the toilet and break apart the toilet paper so it would flush.

Then she got in the garbage so I cleaned that up as well.
Ok so now I try and hook up the hose since the pot isn't working. Well the hose is frozen. 

I come back in the house and get the carpet cleaned and vacuumed since the carpet cleaner leaves fuzzies behind. Well the water is running. I go in the bathroom and Bella is standing in the tub drinking water from the faucet. Turn that off. Find that she's been eating my bars of soap. YUCK.

Anyway... I'm still cleaning up the cage and it's 2!! 

Oh and as if the day couldn't get worse. A bottle of Conditioner fell in my closet, lid came off and it splattered EVERYWHERE. So now I have that to clean up as well!