Mommy's Favorite Things: Oscar de la Renta Girl's Dresses

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oscar de la Renta Girl's Dresses

Oscar de la Renta is known for expensive clothing and great looking dresses. Great for weddings and evening out. But now he's released a little girl Casual Dress line! And it's gorgeous!

These Dresses are super expensive. Like $220-$330. But if you have the money, I think they're great for graduations, weddings, Easter, Church etc. You could get a lot of use out of them!

I would NEVER pay that much for a dress, but one day I was watching TLC's What Not To Wear and they explained it like this. There was a $350 dress that this woman tried on and they said. If you wear it every other Saturday out and to church once a month, and to work maybe twice a month, and to parties and so on... You break it down and let's say you wear it 6 times a month... times 12 months that would be $4.86 per wear! WORTH IT!

So I look at this like that. And now I don't mind spending $50 on a pair of pants for myself. And good jeans for $80, because I get a LOT of use out of them and it comes down to probably CENTS per wear! That's a great way to look at it!

Anyway these  Dresses are super adorable!
I can't get the pictures to copy, but just check out the link. I LOVE the Polka Dot Print!