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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Companies I didn't do a Review On

There's 3 companies so far that I haven't done a Review on because I wasn't satisfied with their products. I didn't blog about them because I will not put up a negative review. But I feel the need to let people know how I feel about the companies and not let them just see the good. So I figured I would do this. Every so often when I get more than 2 bad companies I will blog about them. But not a review, just letting you know which product I received and what was wrong with it!

1.  Smart Knit Kids. They were bad. They sent me 2 purple pair of socks and the first pair got a hole in them in just a couple days. It was a BIG hole that Avery was playing with and making bigger. the 2nd pair is still going strong, but at the time they were still fresh. At the time I was supposed to post a Review I would say a * star. But now I'll say *** I'm not sure what happened, but it could have been caused by stepping on something, the dog ETC.

2. Hearthsong. I heard so many good things about this company so contacted them for a review and was able to receive the Sit On Bay Horse. When it arrived the Mane was MATTED big time. I brushed it out with my own brush and it was fine. Then my daughter brushed it with the brush that was included and it knotted right back up. I had to brush it out again and then I braided it. It's now all nasty and fraying and I'm considering cutting the mane off! It's all snarly and nasty!
I spent about 3 hours brushing hair that day!

3. Cover Your Hair. I received the Five Star Hair Band and the Elegant Flower Hair Clip in pink. The headband was missing a few jewels and the Flower clip broke the second I touched it. It came apart. I threw the clip away and the Headband I use for around the house while I'm cleaning... Sad.

Anyway, so far in 6 months of hosting Reviews/Giveaways those are the only 3 companies I've had a bad experience with!


Mami2jcn said...

I think the rep from SmartKnit Kids is very nice. I won twice from them and they didn't give me a problem at all (some companies won't honor a repeat win). From the socks we received, yes, a couple got holes after a few uses. My son has a few pairs still in good shape. I think this happens with ANY socks. Overall I was satisfied.

Thanks for the honest reviews!

Jennifer T. said...

I won a giveaway from Cover Your Hair and I thought the quality was barely better than most dollar stores. I wish my experience was better as well.