Mommy's Favorite Things: Pictures from our Vacation!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pictures from our Vacation!

Here's some pictures of our vacation and this is probably where our Wedding Ceremony and Reception will be. It will be easy to go from Ceremony to Reception to hotel room after. No limo needed so that's saving a little bit of money! We have our invite list made up and so far we're at 48 people. WOW! I didn't realize how small our families were until I made up that list. Crazy! Oh well, Cost will be cheaper!
Front of the hotel
Back of the Hotel
Whole hotel was Imported Marble. Floors, vanity, bathrooms, Elevator floors Everything was Marble! It was GORGEOUS!
And here's one of Avery being silly
We had so much fun and it was fun to get away for the weekend!


mail4rosey said...

Great shots, it looks like a beautiful place to have a special event!