Mommy's Favorite Things: Flat Iron Experts Review

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flat Iron Experts Review

They truly are the experts! Flat Iron Experts has every kind of flat iron you would need as well as hair dryers, curling irons and brushes of all kinds!

Flat Iron Experts were kind enough to send me the Corioliss Pro V in Hot Pink. And I LOVE It!
Here's how it arrived, Beautiful Box and packaging!
Out of the box
Close up
And here's my hair, Before, Just blow drying it
After straightening
 Excuse the pajamas!
That's right, For those that didn't know, Hair Straighteners curl hair also. Just twist it around the straightener and slowly pull it down the hair! I like the look it achieves as it looks most natural!

I'm loving this Flat Iron. I straightened AND curled my hair in about 12 minutes. My Wet 2 straight took me that just to straighten and about another 15 to curl! I'm very pleased with this straightener so far!

This picture is almost 4 years old, but this is my natural hair. So you can see how curly it is. Just blow drying is usually enough straight for most days. You can see the difference between this and my blow dryed hair above!
Crazy isn't it? I have some wild hair!
This Flat Iron goes from 140 Degrees to 410 Degrees. That's HOT!! And it works and shows. My wet 2 straight only went to 340 (I think) That's a huge difference and is why it knocks off 10 minutes! I've also noticed that these Ceramic plates are so smooth, where as my wet to straight grabbed and pulled my hair. I didn't even notice it until I first used this straightener! 
And did I mention that this heats up in less than 6 seconds WOW!!!
The cord also swivels all the way around to prevent tangling. LOVE this feature! And it has a One Year Limited Warranty!

1. Why should I invest in a professional flat iron instead of a cheap drug store flat iron?

Flat iron quality is all about the contents of the plates and the heating elements used. Consumer flat irons are
generally made with cheap materials and are poorly designed. Plates: Many drug store flat irons claim
 or “Tourmaline”
. But in reality the majority of them are made with aluminum plates coated with regular paint.
Coating usually comes off plates after a few uses and hair get caught between the plates.

Heating Element: Consumer flat irons uses PTC or Ceramic Coated heaters which are more inefficient and they
don’t regulate heat as efficiently, this causes 3 major problems.

  • Heat is not distributed across the surface of the plates evenly causing ‘cold spots’
    (temperature lower on the outer edges of the plates)
  • Large 'recovery time'
    (The amount of time it takes the heater to get to its max temperature every time the iron passes
    through the hair)
  • Slow heat up times (The time it takes the iron to get to its desired temperature)
All these Factors are very important when a professional stylist is looking for the best flat iron.
Maintaining constant temperature throughout the entire styling session is very important to the
performance of the flat iron. Having poor heating element means you have to go through your
hair many times to get it straight, thus causing more hair damage.

This is enough info for me! I will NO LONGER buy a $30 Flat Iron. I will only buy professional. And it will only be from Flat Iron Experts.


Matt said...

Wow, you are beautiful no matter which hair style you go with.

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Aww Thanks!

sharonjo said...

Heather you do look really pretty on the pictures for this giveaway, much prettier than the little picture you used to use at OLS! I agree with the 1st poster that your hair looks good curly & straight! Thanks!

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I've got crazy hair, too! :) I stopped by to say thank you for entering my OWOH giveaway (I was giving away the custom tutu and the oatmeal soaps). Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, there were over 200 entries! How exciting is that??

Would you like to exchange buttons? I have one now. I'm not sure how to put it up on my page to where people can take the code, though. Any ideas?