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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coolil Coupon Codes

A very neat place to buy very unique children's products is Coolil. They have so much to choose from. They have Designer Diaper Bags to Kids Wall Decals. And most definitely everything in between!
Look at this Wish Tree
Or This BOAT!
Told you their stuff is UNIQUE!
About their Heidi Designer Diaper Bag
I had a few ideas about how to design a stylish diaper bag, but first I interviewed young mothers so I could understand what they look for in a diaper bag and what they were missing in the ones they were currently using,” explains Adi. “My vision was to create a bag that was more a mommy bag than just a diaper bag. I wanted to give young mothers a bag that was functional and could be used in several ways when with a baby, but would also be stylish enough to use as a purse when going out without a baby.” Driven by her love for design and aesthetics, Adi took the information she gathered from the interviews back to her studio and created the perfect alternative to a boring diaper bag: The heidi designer diaper bag.
About the Wall Decals
Studio Luka is designed to stimulate the mind and imagination of today’s kids. The decals create scenery that keeps children interacting with their surroundings and encouraging their development through all ages: Infants are able to enjoy the bold images and colors that decorate their room, and as they grow, they begin to recognize the variety of animals and scenes created for them. The graphics create stories for their imagination and can easily be added to or changed, as they get older.

Here's a code for 5% off Site wide
And use code mommy1s for 15% off Heidi Bags OR Studio Luca Vinyls!


Anonymous said...

I love wall decals too. I bought some nice one for my son's room at it looks great