Mommy's Favorite Things: Back In Town...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back In Town...

It was so much fun. We just got back a little while ago. We checked out of the hotel at 1:30 and then we went out for lunch and a little shopping and stopped by Jon's moms house. So we just got home. Pictures will be up in a couple days. GORGEOUS hotel. It was divine. 

We didn't really do much. Saturday was spent all day shopping! We got to our hotel and because we paid an extra $10 per night they offered us a $100 Dinner certificate for BOTH nights. We took advantage of that. We spent $125 on dinner our firs night (Included gratuity and tip) and $107 our second night. Worked out real well that we got dinners for free. That was awesome.

Other than that I SWEAR I saw Chris Rock in our expensive mall on Saturday. Seriously it WAS HIM!!

On another note Saturday was  BEAUTIFUL wedding reception in the hotel and we're seriously considering it. They also offer the Ceremony onsite as well. And if we get married in the non-peak wedding time we'll get it all like half off. So we're thinking POSSIBLY November of THIS YEAR instead of June 2011. YAY!!! We're really thinking this might work. 

So we had fun. Avery had a blast. Now I'm off to do laundry and then tomorrow is Cleaning and picking up the dogs which we boarded for a few days. Our mini vacation was great though!


Unknown said...

i'm so g you had a great time and I cant wait to see pictures.