Mommy's Favorite Things: Went Out With the Girls!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Went Out With the Girls!

I had Avery at 16, so I never had girl's nights before having her. I never had them after her either. Here I am at 19 and had my first Girl's night Last night!

My best friend's Birthday is tomorrow (13th) and we went out to Olive Garden for dessert. It was the two of us and another friend. So 3 of us.

We get there and they say 45 minute wait. It was Friday night at 7PM after all. At 40 minutes we went up and asked and they didn't even see our name on the list, so she bumped us up to the top and we got took back in 2 minutes after that. Well shortly after being seated the Manager comes to our table and says "I understand you had a problem with your pager and it didn't go off, then your name wasn't up there?" We said "yes" he said "Well we don't like for that to happen and nobody has a bad experience at Olive Garden, You saw what it was like up there. I'm not making excuses there shouldn't be any. Here's a $20 Gift card for you ladies because we want to make it right" us,"It's alright" I said "Olive Garden's Never done me wrong" and he said "And We don't want it to start today, so please take this and I know the service will be great for you"

We weren't at all upset since we were told 45 minutes and it was 40 when we were taken! So it was no big deal, but that was AWESOME of him!!

Each lady got a drink and we each got a dessert. Total was $29.xx Minus the $20 Gift card. I put in a $5 and the other lady put the rest in... So $5 (my dessert was $5.50) for my meal I was pleasantly HAPPY, and the Birthday girl didn't have to pay anything for her meal!! 

All around it was a good time and I really needed it. We were there about 2 hours (45 was waiting) I can't wait for another girl's night soon. The other lady's birthday is February 29th, so it's coming up!! and then Mine is in May! 


Unknown said...

Oh your life sounds like mine :D haha
Glad you had fun!