Mommy's Favorite Things: The Ring!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ring!

Well the original ring I wanted from Walmart can't be special ordered. All of their rings come in a standard 7 and the titanium can't be sized. So I was on the hunt today for the Perfect online ring! FOUND IT!

$65 on, but I have a $20 code. My TOTAL with shipping is $49.94!! I like the Titanium and know it can't be sized, which is why I wanted something under $100 Jon is planning on losing some weight soon! And then maybe before the wedding we can get him a White Gold band (or something of the sort) that CAN be sized. 

So here it is!! Are you ready??

And it says it will be here in 3-5 days! JcPenney said 2 weeks!! Cutting it close right? So I hope this is here by next week sometime!
I can't wait to propose, I'm so nervous, I haven't even prepared my speech yet, but It's not like I can write it down you know! I'm hoping it goes PERFECT. I want it to be perfect and I want him to say yes!!

Another thing is if this ring ends up not fitting him in the long run I can put it on a chain and wear it! 

I went to Kay and J.B.Robinson WHOM both told me that his current ring is a 12.5. It fits him, but he can hardly get it off, so I'm ordering a 13 I hope it fits! I'm scared. What if it doesn't?? Does Amazon do returns? this ring goes up to a 14. so I'm not too worried there. He either needs a 13 or 13.5! I'm hoping it fits though! I want to get this right the first time!