Mommy's Favorite Things: How the Air Force Treats Civilian Workers...SUPER LONG

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How the Air Force Treats Civilian Workers...SUPER LONG

So as most of you know Jon was SO EXCITED to get this Civilian Job working as the Administrative Assistant working DIRECTLY under the Colonel and General in the USAF...

The second week of work the Colonel called Jon into his office and said "Jon you have a wife and kids right?" Jon said "Girlfriend and a daughter, yeah" Colonel "So you need this job to support them right?", "Yes", "So you wouldn't do anything to mess this up then? Why would you want to mess this up?"

He seriously THREATENED Jon!!!! How stupid!

Ok so he started on September 1 and Had a 90 day Probation period. That would've ended on December 1st. Jon had Thanksgiving day and the day after off work. that following Tuesday (he had Monday's off) would've been December 1st. Well the Wednesday (DAY BEFORE) thanksgiving they Give Jon Termination papers. In these papers stated all that he's done wrong.
Not addressing the workers as Sir Or Mam, Came into work 1 hour late TWICE in 90 days, also most of you know he's a disabled veteran. He takes Vicodin and a muscle relaxer every night before bed, this could prevent him from waking up at 5 AM right? Well they don't believe him... he was late twice and they bitched.
His work performance as of the week before was STELLAR.

He came into work the first 2 weeks in a suit and tie , they told him to dress down because he was overdressed. He DOESN'T HAVE A DRESS CODE, He started wearing Sweaters and they complained that he was under dressed. Whenever he would wear a dress shirt with a tie he was overdressed. So what's in between a Dress shirt and a Sweater? NOTHING!

He has joined the union and tried to have him represent him, well they wouldn't allow him that because he was still in his probationary period.

He went in a had a discussion with the General (Colonel is who served him the papers) and Said "Are you really going to fire a Disabled Veteran the Day before Thanksgiving" General said "NO" So he overturned the Papers and Jon was no longer terminated. WELL he had to sign a last chance agreement, in this agreement it stated that Jon was NOT to file an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Claim, He could NOT sue them, and He was to sign away HIS CIVIL RIGHTS. YES you read that!!

Now when the Colonel tried to Fire him the General was out of town.
He spoke to the General and this got straightened out, The General told him he had to sign a LCA and Jon agreed. General is now out of the office for who knows how long (His wife has cancer) and This situation was put in the Lieutenant (sp?) hands. Well he has NOT been trained to be a Supervisor and therefore it's ILLEGAL.

It's ILLEGAL to have him sign his rights away. Jon took a couple days off, Saw a psychologist who put him on ZANTAX, and told him NOT to sign those papers, and if he does do it under Duress and told him he wasn't in the right state of mind, so even if he signed them it wouldn't hold up in court.
He signed them under duress and the Lt. said that they NEEDED to know which drug he was on that impaired his thinking. that's ILLEGAL!!
I mean do you see a pattern here? It's All ILLEGAL! Well Jon has talked to Geoffrey Fieger's Office (Some may know him) And he's picking up the case. If he picks this up we will definitely WIN!

Jon signed the papers under duress and as of yet, he's not fired, But since these papers stated that he couldn't do anything about anything we're assuming they'll fire him within a week here. ALSO Jon may get transferred and may not actually lose his job, But even if he does. He has his Master's Degree now and Should have NO problem getting another job!

This just came at a really shitty time, like JUST when all the bills were caught up and paid! HERE WE GO AGAIN!


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh how horrible. Even if he still has his job, it's hard to have a great attitude and give 100% knowing how little they value you :(
I hope all works out for you.

Heather S said...

Thanks! That's what we're thinking as well.

The Proposal may be postponed. I know you were looking forward to that!! But with all this stress, I'm not too sure it will go over well right now!

Unknown said...

Hi Heather,
I just read this and I am awestruck. I know stuff like this happens but when you hear how close it is to home it is even more disturbing. I hope you don't postpone the proposal because this may be the boost he needs. This would definitely show him how committed to him you are. That even in times like this, you can't think of anything but being with him for the long haul.
Good luck and hopefully we can meet soon as we live not too far from each other.

Be blessed,