Mommy's Favorite Things: Boxes Are Fun...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boxes Are Fun...

For a toddler!!
We had to buy a new toilet a couple days ago and Avery decided to climb in the box today, so we got creative! Here's our fun for the day!
Before it got real creative. I just cut out some window holes and made a door

Here's where we got creative!! I let her go to town on coloring it!!

FINISHED!! Front of it, with a cut out door

Inside, I drew her a T.V

Back of it

At least we had fun, Kept her busy for WELL over an hour, and It was creative and got her mind working. Couldn't have asked for a better project to do with her!!
So now she has her "House" in the Living room and I think I can see weeks and MAYBE even months of play with this Box... ahem sorry "House" 


Annie said...

Yes, those are the best toys! We had 2 huge boxes made into a house for Lizzie to play in and finally got rid of them to put our tree up :)

I love the painting job your daughter did - she is quite the artist!

Heather S said...

Aww thanks!