Thursday, April 20, 2017

Eight Mattress Review

I received a mattress from Eight for the sole purpose of this review

I've seen ads for Eight on Facebook and then they contacted me! I was super excited to say yes, since I've been needing a Twin mattress for my youngest (3, he was still sleeping in a crib due to sleeping arrangements that couldn't be changed). Upon receiving the Foam mattress we decided to give that to my 9yr old and gave the youngest her old mattress.

Eight is known for their SMART sleep tracker system and I'll touch base on that later. But you have to start with the Foam mattress. That is all we received but this mattress is incredible. We (the adults) have a Serta iComfort and I can say that this mattress is VERY comparable (but about HALF the price).

The mattress starts with 4" of High Density Foam (A durable foundation that is highly breathable and adds just the right firmness) on the bottom, followed by 2" of Supportive Transition Foam (Additional comfort and consistent weight distribution to support all body types), then 2" of Contouring Memory Foam (All the benefits of memory foam: contours to your body while providing pressure relief) and lastly 2" of Reactive Foam (A unique foam that bounces like latex but feels like foam. Designed to be comfortable and stay cool) on top.

The mattress arrived in a box, which kind of surprised me

All we had to do was take off the outer layer of plastic which helped it unroll, then remove the plastic from the mattress itself, this made it plump up to its full capacity in no time at all! It was ready to go in about 2 minutes!

The Eight mattress has been incredible so far. My daughter says she feels like she sleeps better and that it's a lot more comfortable than her coil mattress.

Eight is really known for their Sleep Tracker though, it goes on the foam mattress like a bedsheet and it has sensors in it which allows you to review your sleep data, use a dual zone warming feature and it connects to almost any wifi-enabled device in your house. Best part is a smart alarm which wakes you at the best time each morning.

What I like about Eight as a company is they offer a 100 night trial with FREE returns! They have free shipping all the time on every order, it bounces like latex but feels like memory foam, and although we gave it to my daughter, it is designed with couples in mind as it has a low movement transference for those with restless partners.

Eight also carries all organic cotton sheets as well so you can help achieve the ultimate night of rest.

Price: The Mattress is $525 for a twin and $949 for California King (with all the sizes in between), Queen being just $799. They also offer financing.
The Sleep Tracker is for full through California King and this is $399-$419

If you decide you want both the Mattress and Tracker, you can buy them together as a set at a discount. Full is $950 and California King is $1150

Overall: ***** Hands Down! It is a VERY comfy mattress and I'm glad that my daughter has it now, to last through all her teen years!

The Eight Mattress has a 10 year limited warranty on any defects in the foam. It has a 1 year warranty on the Smart Tracker.

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Eight in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Eight for allowing me to review this product