Thursday, March 31, 2011

Target today!!

$3.14 Want to know how?

6 reach floss $.97 each 
3 Degree Deodorant $.97 each
4 Propel Waters $1.02 each
4 Aquafresh toothpaste $.97 each
4 Trident $1.29 each
2 SoftScrub $2.49 each
2 Purex Crystals $2.99 each
3 Colgate Total $2.49 each
2 Revlon $1.47 each
1 Revlon $1.27
1 Revlon $2.99
1 Excedrin $3.59
TOTAL $51.07

6 X $1 off Reach (FREE + $.18 overage)
3 X $1 off Degree (FREE + $.09 overage)
2 X $1/2 Propels ($2.08 for all 4)
4 X $1 off Aquafresh (FREE + $.12 overage)
2 BOGO Manu Trident & 2 X $1/2 Target ($.58 for all 4)
2 X $1.50 manu & $1 Target SOFTSCRUB (FREE)
3 X $1.50 Manu & $1 Target COLGATE (FREE)
2 X $2 Revlon Manu (2 were FREE + $.53 overage $1.06 overage total)
1 X $2 Revlon manu (FREE + $.73 overage)
1 X $2 Revlon manu (cost me $.99)
1 X $3 Excedrin Manu & $.75 Target (FREE + $.16 overage)

Minus $43.83 in coupons and $2.34 in overage
My receipt says I saved $51.83
My math isn't right, but that's what I paid!! AWESOME!
AND I got a $5/2 Revlon coupon at the end. So I actually made some money since I can get 2 things for MUCH cheaper than $5!!

I got all my info on We Use Coupons in the Target forum. It is truly amazing over there. 
If you decide to sign up, use my referral name HeatherM0529! Thanks!!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Picture Storage Space

So it seems I've run out of space for Blog Pictures. Blogger allows 1GB of space and I've used that. I'm in the process of deleting old pictures from the blog and they may take up to 24 hours to completely delete.
So I'll be back tomorrow with some new reviews once I can post pictures again!!


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Bug Market Review & Giveaway*CLOSED*

Avery has never really been a toy player. She would rather just observe people and what they're doing. There are VERY few toys we find that she actually plays with. Her favorites? Schleich animals, HotWheels (or any wheels for that matter, she loves cars), Her MobiGo, Blocks and Little Bug Market felt cookies. 

She loves the cookie set we received for review. She plays with it every day. I guess sometimes the most simple toys keep a child busy.
They come in a cute tin with a spatula.
 Of course I saved the cute ribbon to make some Bows with!!
 6 different cookies. 2 of each color. The centers are different colors too, so none are the same.

These are the Pink Flower Tea Party Sugar Cookies.

I think they are just precious. So simple yet so perfect. Avery plays with them daily. She constantly puts them in her tin and uses the spatula to try and take them out again. She lines them up and tries to match them, she even asks to use a cookie tray and we pretend to cook and eat them. 

It's the little things in life right?

They are made of very nice felt, They're sewn nicely together and I see them lasting a long while.

Little Bug market has lots to choose from. 
Price: Pancakes above there are $12. 2 pancakes, 2 blueberries, 2 banana slices, 2 syrup and a dollop of whip cream. I think it's worth it! A set of 6 cookies like I received is $12-$14.So I think they're very reasonable. Easter is coming up too and I think those pastel's above would make a GREAT gift!!

Overall: *****

GIVEAWAYLittle Bug Market has offered one Mommy Of 1 and Counting reader the chance to win the Same Set I reviewed. So the Pink Flower Tea Party Sugar Cookies.

In My Neighborhood Tuesday: Lazy Things!

Eighty MPH Mom In My Neighborhood Tuesday
In My Neighborhood Tuesday with 80MPH Mom. This week's theme is Lazy Things. Pictures of things being lazy!

Of course, Dogs and Cats come to mind.
This is Maggie. Boog's Mom. She ended up Dying of Epilepsy when  Boog was just 6-7 months old!! She was only 4.
She was 4 days away from giving birth here!
 3 days away here. Getting ready and nesting.
 Boog cuddled up with Jon, watching a movie.
 This one definitely takes the cake though!! NOW that is LAZY!
 And Bella cuddling with Jon. This is her favorite place to be. Of course she was 30 pounds lighter here!!!
 She loves sleeping with him!
 Another one of Boog. He had his lazy days.
We've had some lazy animals in the past!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have no idea what to do with her anymore...

Her door is weird and funky and when you close it and it locks in place it's there for good. It takes a lot to get it open. So Avery can't open it. I don't trust her with her door open at night because she's very destructive. She'll eat all the candy in the house, she'll color with permanent markers etc. So the door must be closed.

I've been putting her little potty in her room for her nap and bed. Well she dumps her pee on the floor every single nap and every single morning. I know she can hold it all night and she does. She only pees in the morning.

I've been giving her a time out every time, but obviously it's not working (this has been going on for over a week now). So I've decided to take out the little potty. At nap she'll be fine, but I don't know about at night. I don't want her getting an infection of course, but I'm sure she'll be okay.
And let's face it, I'm doing as much clean up now as I would if she wet her pants. So...

I think I'll do it this way for a couple days and then put the potty back in. As bad as it sounds, maybe it will teach her a lesson.
I wish we had a baby gate... I would put it in the hall way, and put a lock on the playroom and closet doors. So she could only go in the bathroom, of course she plays with things in there too.

I just don't get it. She's almost 4, big enough to know better. She plays with the toilet gel disc in the toilet, she plays with shampoos when she's supposed to be going potty, she dumps her pee on the floor. I mean come on... Enough is enough. She is very destructive and that's why I don't trust her out at night. I'm at my wits end. Tired of her doing these things EVERY SINGLE DAY (twice a day even) It's wearing me down.

I'm starting to get angry too. She's not listening to me, and because of the possible Asperger's going on she never has an explanation for me. When I ask her why she did something she says "I don't know why" she literally has no answer for me. I never yell, I hate yelling, but this last week I have been. It's hurting her, but she doesn't answer me and we're all confused. But I don't know what else to do.

Her room is starting to stink. The house is starting to smell like pee because of this. I seriously am LOST I have no clue what to do... Someone PLEASE help me!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miracle Tea Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

By now most of you know I'm an avid tea drinker. I drink it morning, noon and night. I drink all kinds of tea, any flavor I will try. I L.O.V.E. TEA!!! 

I was sent 3 lovely samples from Miracle Tea and LOVED what I received. 
I hardly ever try a tea that I don't like and these were no exception. 

I received a White Clouds  flavor Green Tea, Flowery Romance herbal blend and lastly a Mad Watermelon fruit tea. 

I do not have a permanent tea filter. I NEED one though dang it. 
I opened up the watermelon. It was PURE fruit in there. AMAZING!! So I stuck a teaspoon full in some water and it worked. Once it was done steeping I used the teaspoon and dug out the fruit. It worked really well, there were no little pieces so it got all of them. I didn't lose any tea by trying to pull out the pieces and I was pleasantly happy. 

I had never tried a watermelon tea before, but I was very surprised by how much I really liked it!! It was so smooth, tasted just like watermelon and was delicious! It has Honeydew, Carrot, Apple, Strawberry, Flavoring and Beet Root in it. The funny thing, there is no Watermelon in here at all. I think the Honeydew Melon mixed with Strawberries tastes like watermelon though. Interesting!

As for the White Clouds and Flowery Romance, my method above didn't work. The pieces were too tiny. So until I get a sachet I can't drink them!! They smell wonderful though. 

The Flowery Romance has Lots of real flower blossoms along with Apple, Orange and mango as well. So it smells really sweet. Although I'm afraid to drink flowers. I'm sure they're all 'edible'
The White Clouds is Rose Petals, Papaya, Pineapple and Strawberry. YUMMY But I'm allergic to pineapple!! 

But again, it smells delicious and I'm sure it would be DIVINE as well. 

They have so many different kinds of tea to choose from!! You can get black tea, green tea, herbal blends, Fruit, oolong, Mate and Rooibos. With LOTS of flavors within those categories.

Price: 1.7oz, which I received are $4.50 each and 3.5oz are $7.50 each. These are a little bit pricey, but I think they're so worth it. 

Overall: ***** YUMMY

GIVEAWAYMiracle Tea has offered one Mommy Of 1 and Counting reader the chance to win the Same 3 items I received!! So you get the White Clouds, Flowery Romance and Mad Watermelon teas!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pure Review & Giveaway*CLOSED*

Sometimes just a little snack is all you need. Sometimes it's nice to open the cabinet and see something small to grab. Take it with you to work in the morning, eat it as a snack, put in your purse for later, workout bag for the gym. However you choose to eat your snacks Pure is there for you!!

They have these great little bars that are HEALTHY for you. It's better than grabbing a handful (or 2 or 3) of chips. And it's quick. No need for the blender to make a smoothie, or a knife to cut and peel an orange. It's ready to go in it's own convenient package!

I was sent one of each flavor to try out.
Again, rotation issues!!

They're 6 flavors include Chocolate Brownie, Wild Blueberry, Cherry Cashew, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Orange and we also received a Trail Mix. 

I first tried the Chocolate Brownie!!! Oh Em Gee! It was delicious. It tasted just like a brownie, but Organic!! Then I tried the Cherry Cashew, I love cashews. My #1 favorite snack is to grab a handful of cashews, they're so good. So of course I also loved the Cherry Cashew. 

Jon came home and had the Trail Mix and he thought it was really good as well. He then took the last 3 to work the next morning (without me knowing... grr) but he said they all really enjoyed them. He had one and shared the other 2 with his boss'. He said they were all good. He tried the Cranberry Orange and said it was good, but definitely not his favorite. But it was still good!!

Score for Pure. They have great snacks (perfect size for a quick snack) and they are Organic. They are also very fairly priced. 

They also have a Naturals line which has some yummy flavors as well. 

Price: The Organics are $2.19 each or $21.99 for 12. I have seen these are low as $1.35 on sale at Meijer

Overall: ***** So good, satisfying and Organic!!! 

Pure has offered one Mommy Of 1 and Counting reader the chance to win One Bar of Each Organic Flavor! So that's 6 bars!

Urban Elk Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

They have some REALLY adorable items over at Urban Elk. They are from Denmark. All of their items are made out of organic cotton. The only other thing in them is 5% spandex on the pants!

I gave them the sizes I needed a 4T and if they wanted to include something in newborn it was welcome.
They sent me a 104 (4T) in Girls Underwear
 The Design
And a 56 (newborn) in L/S Elk Eyelet Bodysuit
It is so little. You always forget just how little Newborn things are... It's so sweet. 

I would take a picture of Avery in the underwear set, but it's a little skimpy and I'm not comfortable with that. It fits her great!! She can wear it to bed in the summer. It's great as underwear and the cami under a sweater or something. It's really cute and I love it. 

The cami has adjustable straps on it. So it fits great. 

The Onesie is really cute. The Material used around the neck and down the snaps is really soft too. It's a different material, but I can't pin it. 

The Onesie is 100% Organic Cotton and the Underwear is 95% Organic Cotton and 5% spandex. So these are all natural. 

There is LOTS to choose from on Urban Elk. 
In a newborn-3yr

And many other things to choose from. They have woman's underwear, boys underwear, pajamas, dresses, pants and MORE!!! 

Price: The Underwear I got is $37.90USD and the Bodystocking is $37.05. Prices are a little high.

Overall: **** 1/2 a little pricey, but SO worth it. They are Organic Cotton!!! 

Urban Elk has offered one Mommy Of 1 and Counting reader the chance to win 2 L/S Tee Shirts.
You'll get the L/S Big Rhino Tee and the L/S Big Giraffe Tee both in a 98 Which is equivalent to a 3T
And there will be 2 more surprises included :)
Head over to   Urban Elk and let me know your favorite item. Click on Webshop!