Mommy's Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Guide 2018: LuMee Light up Phone Cases!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: LuMee Light up Phone Cases!

I received samples from LuMee for the sole purpose of this review

Being a blogger/influencer means I take a lot of pictures, and sometimes big cameras just aren't practical anymore (in fact, I haven't used a regular camera in 2-3 years and haven't even owned one for a year now). So phones are where it's at. They are small, you likely have them with you wherever you go and these days they take EXCELLENT pictures, so are perfect for those quick moments. 

But sometimes the lighting is terrible and produces bad quality photos/selfies. That's where LuMee comes in with their lit up phone cases. They offer DUO and SELFIE cases, DUO has lights on the front and back of the case and SELFIE just has lights on the front. 

I received the LuMee DUO Metallic Marble in Gold

Since I only use my phone for pictures now, I wasn't able to get any pics of it on my phone. 

This case is wonderful, it fits my phone so snugly, isn't overly bulky and is GORGEOUS! I love the metallic marble and the lights are really cool. 

The case charges up an has its own little battery to stay operated. Then you just push the button on the back to turn on the lights. Once for front and once more for back. The battery offers 30 minutes of full brightness, but it also has a variable dimmer with tapering light technology. So the light will automatically adjust to surrounding light, and you may get more than the 30 minutes out of it, if it's not always at full brightness. 

Studio quality lighting make your pictures perfect. The case is very strong as well, and has a bumper on it for drop protection, but I still use a screen protector with my case.

Overall I'm extremely happy with my case. The pictures it takes are so much better than without it. It's great in poor lighting situations. 

They offer many different cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy's. 
Here's a few of my favorites!

Price: Selfie are all $39.95, duo are $69.95. I find this to be in line with most, other cases. 

Overall: ***** excellent quality, excellent product!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from LuMee in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to LuMee for allowing me to review this product 


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