Mommy's Favorite Things: Moon Dough Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

Friday, October 7, 2011

Moon Dough Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

Growing up we didn't have Moon Dough (or at least I never did). I loved playdoh as a child though. It was so much fun, but it dried out. 
Moon Dough has been around for a while now and they constantly are releasing new products. 

We had the chance to review the new Push N' Pop Pals in the Ocean Pals for review. 
 Comes with a playmat, 2 colors of Moon Dough, 3 Push N' Pops and a mold.

 Her Creations, 2 turtles, 2 seaweed and an octopus

At first when I felt it through the bag, it almost felt like that green stuff they put at the bottom of flower arrangements? That foamy stuff? It is very similar to that. 

You take it out of the bag and smush and roll it around for a little while to get it molded to itself and then it's ready for play. I love playing with this stuff, as did Avery and clean up was pretty easy. It sticks to itself nicely. 
Avery did get frustrated when she ran out of dough and I told her she had to smush her creations back into it to create more and that overwhelmed her... So we gave it up that first day, but she got a good 15-20 minutes of play out of it. So that was good. 

It's Hypo Allergenic and NEVER dries out. It's also Wheat Free which is great for those of you with allergies. It was a fun toy though and it's different then typical playdoh so it gives them a different texture to play with. 

It's for ages 3 and up which is really nice also.

You can buy it at Target, Amazon, and Toys R Us among other stores!
Price: The Ocean one isn't on Amazon, but the other one Breakfast is and it's $20!

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Moon Dough in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Moon Dough for allowing me to review this product and offering a giveaway


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