Mommy's Favorite Things: Kokopax Review and Code

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kokopax Review and Code

Good quality diaper bag, Isn't that one of the gear items all new parents try and find? Isn't it also one of the hardest decisions? I had a lot of trouble picking one out for Avery it was a hard decision. We eventually decided on an Eddie Bauer bag and I loved it.
However, had I seen a Kokopax from the beginning this is the one I would've gone with. In fact, there wouldn't have been any decision to make. This would've been THE BAG.

I received the new Samantha Diaper Tote for review in the Bubbles 3 pattern. I absolutely love this bag!!
So cute!

 Top of the straps for a nice look, or you could turn them around and have a little bit of padding.
 Feet on the bottom, VERY IMPORTANT
 Magnetic Closure!
 Included Changing Mat
 Inside. Adorable Monkey print!
 It has a zipper and many pocket openings too.

This bag is big, not too big, but big enough for a diaper bag. It's also great for a tote bag. It is the PERFECT size for the beach or when Avery goes to grandma's house for the night. It's just the perfect size for everything you need. 

The material was great and strong. It is built REALLY well and it's very sturdy. Love the print and the monkeys were a surprise, but are just adorable and the perfect contrast. 

It's adorable!

Kokopax also carries Baby Carriers as well as Sun Hats  for babies and some other accessories. 

DISCOUNT CODE: heatherandavery2011 Which will give you 10% discount on any order.
Price: The Tote I received is $100. I paid $45 for my Eddie Bauer and I think this is so worth that price!! The Original Carrier (pictured above) is $150. I also think this is very reasonable.
You can get Kokopax products on  and you can follow them on Facebook for announcements!

Overall: ***** Love the print, it's very sturdy and made well and it shipped pretty fast too.
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products*


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