Mommy's Favorite Things: March 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love my daughter...

I really do, But man I need a break! She's always in my hair and Whiny and Needy!! I know she's only 22 months but Still!! It's just annoying sometimes. I also know that she sleeps 15 hours at night, but most the time doesn't take a nap so it's like 9 hours straight with a 2 yr old can be nerve-wracking... It does get annoying! I do love her, but WOW!!! It is very Rewarding being a stay at home mom, but sometimes I wish I was working... but then I'd never get to see my angel!

Anyway, This is the reason why I live!

She sure is a character isn't she? That's my Avery and even though she's always in my hair, I wouldn't change it or Her for the world! She does get annoying, but what 2 yr old doesn't! She's still perfect and I love her!