Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge Day 30

Going Green with the Grizls
Day #30, Post a picture of an outfit that IS your style or you WISH was your style
AND we've officially made it ONE MONTH!!! YAY

This is something that IS my style, but I would never want to afford an ENTIRE outfit, so I'll just admire for now!

and this

and I wish I had somewhere to wear this

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer # BlogChallenge Day 29

Going Green with the Grizls
Day #29, Write a How-To-Post

Well I don't have a new how-to, so I'll link to some of my old ones!!

How-to make Baby Leg Warmers
How-to make Baby Crinkle Square
This one isn't mine, but it's so cool. How-to make Rock Candy

Blue Turtle Kids Review

Another adorable cloth store for kids. I'm of course talking about Blue Turtle Kids. They have some totally adorable clothes for kids. From infant to size 14 or 16! They also offer pajamas. 

We received the Miss-T-V-Us Lime Black Tie Dress Legging Set and it's TOTALLY adorable!
It's loud and it screams Avery

We got it in the 5/6 and it fits her pretty perfectly! I LOVE this. She has no shoes to match it though unfortunately. She had a pair last year that would've been PERFECT. But for now she just wears her purple sandals with it. Why not right?

The material is really great. It's a soft cotton and it's a great quality. Constructed really well. I just love the lime green. I'm a green lover myself, so I chose this for Avery thinking she'd adore it and she totally does! Just look at that smile. 

She was so excited to get a package for her. For the longest time now it's been mostly about Emerson, so she was happy to get some clothes in the mail recently!

This was my second choice. By Mulberribush
They carry lots of different brands as well. 
I would love this for Emerson

They really have some adorable stuff!

Price: The outfit I received is $49! It's a bit pricey, but the quality has been great. The whale romper above is $16!!

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Blue Turtle Kids in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Blue Turtle Kids for allowing me to review this product

ClaireBearBaby Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

I came across  ClaireBearBaby on another blog and when I saw her Toolbelt Onesie I fell in love with it. It's so dang cute. 

She didn't have any 6-9 months available, so I jumped for the 12month. I figured better be big than small. 
Well when I got it, I was surprised that it fit Emerson perfectly!

First of all is that not adorable?? It's SUPER adorable!

I love that there's so much going on too. The belt itself (the brown part) is grosgrain ribbon. The tan part is faux suede. It's just super adorable with lots of textures. 

I'm so happy I went with 12 month. Well I guess I really had no choice since the 3-6 wouldn't fit!! But I'm glad it fits him great and it should last most of the summer for us. 
I would say this is true to size. He's so long that he's in a lot of 12 month stuff. His 9 month sleepers and rompers JUST fit him and his 12 month pajamas fit him perfectly! So he's going into that 12m size already (at only 6 months!!!). He's just so tall!

I LOVE this onesie though. The blue color is adorable and the tools are super cute too. He's only worn this in public once, but I'm sure he'd get a ton of compliments if he wore it out more! (We just don't get out much really.)

She also offers this onesie in Pink and she offers a few other items too. 
Love this jellyfish

Lace Bracelet

Infant seat savers!
Quite the array of items!

Price: The onesie I received is $20! It comes in 3-6, 12m and 18m

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from ClaireBearBaby in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to ClaireBearBaby for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Small Concept Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

Websites with funky children's clothing are really hard to come by. There are only a few that have cute and funky clothes. 

When I came across Small Concept I fell in love with their items. 
 The color is a little washed out here. 
But isn't it adorable?!?!? I LOVE the colorful leopard print and the pink leggings are adorable. The tulle flower on it really puts it over the top!

It's GORGEOUS!!! I love the leggings because that means she can ride her bike or play at the park and nobody sees everything. Plus I can put them with other tops/tunics/dresses and pretty them up!

The material is just cotton, same with the leggings. But the skirt is tulle as is the flower and green ruffle!

It's just adorable though. Great quality. I have washed this twice now and hung dried it and it came out looking like brand new. With Tulle you can't dry in the machine, but hanging it up in my laundry room it was dry within a few hours. So it was ready to go the next day when she was wanting to wear it again. 

She wants to wear this outfit any time it's clean! She loves it to pieces. As do I! It's nice and cute for summer, but will be great for early fall too! I know she'll love going to school in this and show it off there!!

They have so many great items and brands! They carry Tea Collection, wonderboy and many other brands. Things for boys, girls and babies. They also have maternity, toys, gear and decor!

Price: This dress comes in sizes 2T-10 (we got the 5) and it's on sale for $41.63 from $55.50! It is a bit pricey, but it's worth it!

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Small Concept in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Small Concept for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway

Gund Review

I had heard of Gund, but have never had any experience with the company. 

When I had the chance to review their new Gund Girls I jumped on it. I had heard what great quality these products were so I was excited to get my girl!

We choose Brooklyn. 
Brooklyn is 17" tall. She's a glamorous city girl who LOVES to shop. She loves everything pink and girly. She has ruffles on her skirt and a pink bow in her hair. Your typical girly girl!
 Cute right?
She is adorable and Avery LOVES her!!! 

Her hair is super soft. Her dress is nice and ruffly and she's the perfect size for her to carry around. Avery likes to sleep with her and cuddle her and she goes with her everywhere in the house. She's her new favorite stuffed toy and I think she looks like her too with the blonde hair and blue eyes. Super cute. 

There are 4 girls in the collection!

Price: the 17" dolls are $30! Great quality

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Gund in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Gund for allowing me to review this product

Summer #BlogChallenge Day 28

Going Green with the Grizls
Day #28, How do you do your laundry, Give your laundry tips. 

UM, I just throw it in and wash it? I don't really have any tips... OH use vinegar instead of fabric softener. It doesn't leave a scent, but it's more natural And safe for cloth diapers!! 

Summer #BlogChallenge Day 27

Going Green with the Grizls
Day #27, What's the best gift you ever Received

So far it's been jewelry! Jon has given me diamonds for the past couple years. I got my first ones in June 2010 when he graduated college, he gave it to me because I put up with him in college all those years. It was a journey pendant. 

Then I got a ring last year for Christmas. LeVian chocolate!! 
And I've gotten a few necklaces and bracelets in between there too!

LOVE diamonds!

6 months old and Crawling!

So on June 15th, Emerson officially started crawling. He was doing more of a scoot thing. He was thrusting his legs forward and then falling down with his chest. He got where he wanted to go, but was pretty slow at it!

As of about 4 days ago he's finally doing the real deal!!
The funny thing is, He and Avery started crawling at the EXACT same age (5 months 18 days) Isn't that NUTS?
He finally let me get a video of him!

And he's 6 months old today! Where does the time go?
Here is his 6 month photo shoot!

He has such huge personality at such a young age!

 His feet made it into almost EVERY picture!!! How cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SmartKlean Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

With 2 young kids, stains are inevitable. They are all around and can show up in many forms. From spit up and baby food to blood and spaghetti sauce. We have all of those stains and they're super hard to get rid of with regular detergent and washing. 

When SmartKlean contacted me about reviewing their new Stain Remover. I couldn't wait to get it and try it out. 
 Shows the stuff it works on. Laundry stains, Cloth Diapers, Upholstery and carpets/rugs!

It is cloth diaper safe, which is AWESOME!!!  I haven't tried it on my diapers yet though. 

I have used this on Emerson's spit up sleepers and it has been AMAZING at removing the stains. You wet down the garment and then rub the stick on it until it lathers. Then you just throw in the wash and launder like normal. I didn't get a picture, but I did the remover on one side of his sleeper and didn't do the other and the results were AMAZING! One side came completely clean and the other was still yellow from spit up. It was really great. I couldn't believe it. 

SmartKlean has their laundry ball as well as this new stain remover. It just released to the website today so it's Brand New!

Price: $9.80+ $4.90 shipping. It's worth it! It will last a long time.

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from SmartKlean in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to SmartKlean for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carter's Watch the Wear Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

I love putting my children in sets of clothes. Trying to find a shirt to match pants is hard a lot of the time unless they're just plain denim or khaki. So when I find sets, especially those with plaid pants/shorts I know I need to have it. I love plaid, but not only that it usually just matches 1-2 shirts you have and I actually like that!

When I came across Carter's Watch the Wear I knew I had to have an outfit of theirs for Emerson. They're clothes are from NB to 4T so I couldn't get anything for Avery. 
I received 2 wonderful outfits, which are no longer on the website. I got a plaid set in yellow and a denim set in blue!

 It's so dang cute!!! 
There is madras plaid on the inside of the collar too, so it matches the shorts perfectly!
The denim shorts were bigger than the plaid!! Even with cloth diapers on!!!
 But still adorable!
I got these outfits in the 12 month. The newborn sizes were for items we didn't want/need like sleepers and rompers... So I was happy to get these even if they were a bit big. These were tried on a month ago. It's hot here until September so I knew he'd fit in these eventually. Plus the shirts he can wear even longer than that. 

The plaid outfit fits him great now. It was a bit big here, but now fits him great. He wears it often. I LOVE that yellow shirt. It stands out and looks gorgeous on him. 

The blue outfit shorts are still a bit big, but we mix the shirt with other shorts we have that fit him better now and it looks great!! The shirts fit him pretty great so he can get use out of them now. But between now and a year old his upper won't change much so these will fit him probably under October or so!! I'm thankful for that!

Overall these clothes are great quality. Carter's WTW has been around for OVER 150 years!!! YES a century and a half! They started out as the Premier Manufacturer of Denim Overalls and 'Work Wear'. The overalls were famous throughout the US (which only had 33 states then!). They then expanded to making boy's overalls, coats, jumpers, painter coats and eventually adding in shirts. Now they just make adorable children's clothing and I love it!!

Wish I had a baby girl! 

Aren't they adorable?? LOVE that Snail

Price: Everything's on sale now, I assume to get ready for fall things. The boys short sets similar to what I received are $13.99 down from $18.99. They have CHEAP items!

Overall: *****

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Carter's Watch the Wear in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Carter's Watch the Wear for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway

OOFOS Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

Comfortable shoes are a must!! Sometimes these little cheap flip flops might seem comfortable, but if you wear them for a long time they start to hurt your feet. They have no sole really, no support etc. So when I came across OOFOS I knew I had to contact them. Their sandals looked so comfortable to me, so I knew they would be better for my feet. 

I received the Original Thong in Mocha and I love it.

They are SO comfortable! They have quite a bit of support and are super nice. 
I got the size 8 as that's what I normally wear and they fit me perfectly. 

The day I got these I walked to my friends house and back. About 3/4 of a mile all together and these didn't rub my feet wrong or anything. They were super comfortable and because of the arch I could feel my calves getting a workout!

Sunday I wore these to the zoo. We probably walked 2 miles and again nothing out of the ordinary. They fit me great, so they didn't slide around and leave marks/blisters and I felt like I was getting a workout! I love these shoes!!! 

They have held up great. I've worn them just about daily since receiving them and they're been great and perfect. 
I couldn't say any more great things about these shoes. 

Best part is they're Machine Washable!! Although they're super easy to just spray off with a hose or handwash too.  They absorb impact, are flexible, Instant Comfort, ultimate recovery, lightweight and durable! 
Great shoes!

They also offer a slide version
The slide comes in Black and Brown and the thong comes in Black, Brown, Fuschia, and Tangerine!

Price: $40 each! It's a great price!

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from OOFOS in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to  OOFOS for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway