Mommy's Favorite Things: Baby Depot Review

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Depot Review

I received a sample from Burlington for the sole purpose of this review

When you're shopping for a mother to be OR a brand new parent yourself, it's nice to have everything in one place. Making it a one stop shop is a lot easier in both situations and they help make decisions easier too and not so overwhelming. Baby Depot is one of these shops that makes it plenty easy to shop.

We got a nice gift basket and activity gym for Liam shortly after he was born!

Filled with lots of goodies!!
 I love the basket it came in!! This is great for a laundry basket or toy storage. We're using it for toys
 Too many things to list, but we got Gerber Flannel Blankets, Baby socks that look like sneakers, a Safety 1st safety kit, Munchkin rubber ducky, mesh food teether and bottle brush, Palmer's cocoa butter and so so much more. We also got the Infantino playmat

Liam in the socks!

It was so nice to get this gift shortly after he was born, it was nice to know we were thought of and to get so many essentials that I know we'd use. 

Everything in this basket was name brand. It was all very popular and things that you'd see in any store you visited. So to have them all in one store is really nice and you know it's all high quality. Brands like Gerber, Carter's, Munchkin and Safety 1st to name a few. Baby Depot at Burlington offers the best selection at the best price of the most mom-trusted brands.

We have/will use every item in this gift except the Baby on Board sign and the Johnson's Travel Pack (we use natural skin care products). So it was super nice to get something so useful. And it took off the pressure of me needing to shop with a newborn. 

This would seriously make the perfect baby shower gift though. Everything included in the basket and the basket itself could be found at Burlington and was all very affordable.

Baby Depot at Burlington also offers nursery items. So it truly is a one stop shop :)

Price: Everything at Burlington is cheaper than elsewhere. Their price tags even say on them Compare to: which is wonderful!! It lets you know you're really getting a good deal. 

Overall: ***** I love everything we received

Have you visited Baby Depot recently?
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Burlington in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Burlington for allowing me to review this product 


Sandra VanHoey said...

My sister went there for things for the lady at work and got some great deals on things for the shower

JewelWood said...

The Baby Depot is a wonderful place at Burlington Coat Factory. I have been there and got my sister a baby present for my nephew when she was having a baby shower. I got some really nice items for my nephew.

Unknown said...

Baby Depot is one of my favorites! They always have a great selection and better prices that other baby stores.

Janet W. said...

I've actually never heard of Baby Depot before. The items in that basket are adorable and so useful! I love the basket itself, too!

Lynne said...

I hadn't heard of Baby Depot before either - but there is a Burlington Coat Factory not too far from us. I need to check out a Baby Depot, because I have some baby showers coming up this summer, and the less things cost, the more of them I can get for the gift!