Mommy's Favorite Things: The Children's Place Review

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Children's Place Review

I received a gift card from The Children's Place for the sole purpose of this review

I love finding good deals on clothing, especially on kids clothing since they grow so fast. It's nice to get a good deal in case they outgrow it in just a few months time. The Children's Place is a great place for this. They're always running really good deals and specials and you can always find something your child needs for cheap. 

I received a gift card and got all of the below. I used a 20% off coupon first and then after my $50 gift card I literally spent under $1 for all of the below.
For Emerson I got the Half Zip Striped Glacier Fleece Top in red and the Glacier Fleece Pants in black.
For the new baby I got the lovely Faux Fur Bunting. Since he's due in January this will be perfect. Also the Space Stretchie.
For my daughter I got her the Bootcut Jeans- Merida which she desperately needed and also a pack of 3 underwear.
Even though it's casual fleece, doesn't Emerson look sweet and handsome in this adorable outfit? And the whole thing only cost me $12!!!

The Children's Place offers a wonderful quality for their wonderful prices. The quality is what you'd expect of a higher end brand, but with the prices of a lower end brand. It's a great middle ground for sure. 

For us the clothes last as long as they need too and then some leaving for great resale value. 

The fleece we got is super soft and perfect for these chilly days. The baby bunting is AMAZING!! I got it for $19 something and then used my 30% on top of that. Truly you can't beat that and since it's a 0-3m it should last us through the cold months with baby. 
I tried on the 6s and 7s on my daughter and the 6s fit her with room to grow. I really thought she'd need the 7s, but I was surprised she didn't. I have found that The Children's Place items do tend to run a bit big, but not excessively. 

Price: The jeans are $14 right now, but they were $12 when I bought them, the Bunting was $19 something. The Fleece was $6 each, the 3 pack of underwear was also $6 and then the stretchie was $8 or $9 (it's $8.51 now). 

Overall: ***** the quality is unbeatable. 
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from The Children's Place in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to The Children's Place for allowing me to review this product


DesiredOne said...

I love the Children's Place and have one not too far away that I like to frequent. Really cute clothes at pretty decent prices.