Mommy's Favorite Things: Cedar Point Review

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cedar Point Review

I received complimentary tickets for the sole purpose of this review
Cedar Point officially closed for the season, but for the last few weekends of October they offer Halloweekends. They open up the rides, but also have wonderful Halloween events going on during that time. 

My husband and his friend had a chance to go the very last weekend it was open. They left here on the afternoon of the 25th and came back the morning of the 27th. So they had the entire day of the 26th to have fun and explore. My husband was also really excited to ride The Gatekeeper this year, their brand new roller coaster.

The new Coaster is The Gatekeeper and it goes right in between the gate sign!

They were also all decorated for Halloween
And at night

Jon said he rode this coaster 6 times and loved it each time!! 

They were decorated for Halloween very nicely and had these little set ups throughout the park.

They had a corn maze and a couple haunted settings up that you could go through. 

Not all the coasters were open and he was a bit disappointed by that. But he was very happy he got to go and was very happy he got to experience the Halloweekends that are oh so famous down at Cedar Point. 

 Top Thrill Dragster

If you get hungry there is the famous Pink's Hot Dog shop.

I am very thankful I'm pregnant, because otherwise my husband would've made me go and I HATE coasters haha!!

Either way, it was a great experience for him, he got to have fun with a friend and he had a blast. I'm very thankful that he got the opportunity to go on that mini vacation.

Next time you decide to go to Cedar Point, consider going during Halloweekends!
*Disclaimer, I received complimentary tickets to visit Cedar Point. Thank you to Cedar Point for this opportunity.


mail4rosey said...

Cedar Point is one of my most favorite places to be. :)