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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Way we Move

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Moving is stressful for most everyone. I know we're getting ready to do it as well and even though our house isn't for sale yet, it's still stressful, we're trying to purge through all the stuff and get rid of as much as possible BEFORE we have to move to make it that much easier. I figure each single item I get rid of is 1 less I have to move. I'm up to 300 items thrown away or donated in just about a month's time. I try and do 10 items a day.
A Moving Company definitely might make things a bit easier. As will renting a moving truck.

6.7 million households moved in 2010. That's over 4 times the population of Manhattan!! That's a lot of households/families moving.
But I know we'll be a part of the statistics soon and I really can't wait to move.

Have you moved recently?
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Sara said...

Moving is very stressful!

ALee said...

This will be the first year I haven't moved in 10 year. With college and then jobs and the marriage. I have moved like crazy. Always stressful! What I learned? Movers are wonderful!