Mommy's Favorite Things: I have a Tomboy and a Boy Who's in Touch with his Feminine Side!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have a Tomboy and a Boy Who's in Touch with his Feminine Side!

It's true, I do!
For the record I am not one of those mothers who stereotypes on the toys her kids should play with or the color they wear. YES I like to dress my daughter in pinks/purples, but she looks wonderful in blue and green as well.  Emerson has a purple diaper he wears. I'm not one who buys into the pink is only for girls and blue is only for boys thing.

Now that's out there...
Avery has always been more of a tomboy, much like I was/am. She's never really been into dolls much (I was), never much into the princess thing. Her favorite toys are toy dinosaurs (and other figurines) and matchbox cars. She LOVES getting a new car as a gift or a new figurine. She's not into girly things as much.
She does like to wear dresses on occasion though.

Emerson on the other hand. He doesn't have very many super boyish toys, but he plays with a lot of Avery's things. He is drawn more to her girly toys though (mind you, the ones SHE doesn't play with). Her dolls, her princesses, her dress up clothes etc.
Here is a picture of Emerson at 5 months old!
But even still, he loves the girly things. 

So although some may think my kids should be 'switched' I think it's funny/cute/peculiar all at the same time.


Unknown said...

The girl stuff is so sparkly draws you.
My son had a play kitchen, doll house..he needed pretend play. It was great for his sister. She likes pink and purple but also jumping in puddles and burping.
I think it's good for them to not be only boy or girl.

Shary said...

Go you for not gender stereotyping your children. :)

Unknown said...

When my nephew was 3 he put on his sister play dress and told everyone he was Isabel and whenever he wore girly things he was Isabel and would get very upset if you called him by his name Brody. No one knows where he got it from he just started doing it. And loved to have his nails painted but only orange and green.

Sonya Cocherell said...

Each child is different. My daughter, Gracie, is completely girl. She loves anything sparkly. She would live in pink and purple. I don't know where she gets it, but she's very girly. I just love it though!

Anonymous said...

I just love how each child has their own unique personality, and I think it's great that you embrace it. These little people are endlessly fascinating to me.

My husband recently made a comment about my 2 year old son getting a horse set for his birthday, saying horses were "girly". I was sure to let him know just how ridiculous he was being, and will encourage my son to play with whatever he wants to!