Mommy's Favorite Things: Nutrisystem Week 6 #NSNation

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nutrisystem Week 6 #NSNation

It's been a full 6 weeks on Nutrisystem. Jon is in week 7 of this program already. It seems to be flying by.

This week he actually did pretty good. We were talking about no more weigh ins on Monday, but his Monday weigh in was less than it was on Saturday, so for this week we're still on Mondays.

He was eating out every Sunday and I think that caused it. We've discovered that when he eats out he gains a couple pounds for a couple days and then loses it again and then some. So since he didn't eat out at all this Sunday he was lucky to have lost some weight this week! It makes a difference!!! He has been watching his portion sizes though and trying to get in his fruits and vegetables.

I have some pictures this week!
Before on left, 6 weeks in on the right! I notice a difference in his stomach and face. 

These were amateurly edited by me. They may not be the exact same height an width. But you get the idea. 

There is a significant difference. His stomach isn't all bloated and those shorts are HUGE on him! But above all it's how he feels. 
He feels so much different. His ring can easily slip on and off now. His jeans are a lot bigger in the waist. He can fit in clothes that haven't fit him in months. He's lost about 2 pants sizes already but we're waiting to buy more new ones. 

Measurements! Beginning in Red
Weight: 269  286
Arms: 16"  16"
Chest: 47"  49" 
Waist: 50"  52"
Hips: 48"  49"
Thighs: 29"  29" 
BMI: 39.7  42.2

So he's down 17 pounds officially! He was at 18.5 at one point, but it was an unofficial weigh in day! 

I'm very proud of him. 17 pounds in 6 weeks is 2.8 pounds a week! Which is .4 pounds a day! This is good!!!
Maybe he can get to 20 pounds this week!!!! 

He did lose 3 pounds this week after all. I think he could do it again! 
*Disclaimer* I received This Program directly from Nutrisystem in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Nutrisystem for allowing me to review this product
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